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Windows with a fire outside
  • Life-saving technology, ready at all times
  • Different safety aspects to combine
  • Same clean aesthetics as all our other systems

Reynaers Aluminium Safety Systems are designed for all kinds of specific safety requirements. Besides fulfilling basic building needs such as weather tightness and thermal insulation, these innovative systems can be offered with many additional safety features, often combined in one solution. Whether you need fire protection, burglar and bullet-resistant features, or panic exit devices, our safety variants guarantee the most secure finish to your project.

Looking for a specific safety solution? Browse all possible combinations in our Product Search.

Superior performance through simulation and testing

Verified, improved and certified with internal and external experts

A combination of simulations and tests brings out the best in our products. The largest private test centre in the industry, located at our HQ in Belgium, allows us to reach excellent results in everything we do. And with the help of specialised external test facilities around the world, we continuously improve our products and services for all our customers.

Burglarproof solutions

Peace of mind in every project

Burglar resistance is the most common safety feature across our entire product range. In fact, Reynaers Aluminium offers various burglarproof safety levels, depending on the chosen element size and configuration, glass type, and local regulations. 

We test our aluminium systems with a series of static pressure tests, multiple impact tests, and a realistic break-in simulation performed by a certified professional employed by a notified body. 

Want to know which burglarproof solution fits your needs best? Get in touch with a Reynaers Aluminium representative for specific project advice.

Discover our Burglarproof solutions
Burglarproof solutions demonstrated with a crowbar


Virtually all Reynaers Aluminium products can be enhanced as burglarproof variants.

Fire proof post process testing


Windows, Doors and Façades.

Fireproof solutions

Buys time, saves lives

Fire-resistant windows, doors and façades play a key role in keeping people and buildings safe. They stop fire from spreading for a certain amount of time, allowing you to evacuate safely from a building, and giving fire fighters sufficient time to do their job.

Fire resistance comes in various degrees and highly depends on chosen element size and configuration, glass type, and local regulations. And at Reynaers Aluminium, we leave nothing to chance. That is why we regularly perform fireproof testing in a controlled environment, located at one of our global partners’ test facilities.

Interested in adding fireproof solutions in your next projects? Always contact a Reynaers Aluminium representative for professional advice.

Discover our Fireproof solutions

Smoke control

Clears the path in the heat of the moment

Inhalation of toxic fumes can be lethal when fire breaks out in a building. Moreover, smoke development limits visibility and may complicate evacuation for all occupants. Keep buildings and homes safe with the help of Reynaers Aluminium smokeproof solutions.

Our smoke-resistant systems come in various safety levels, depending on the chosen element size and configuration. Mostly combined with fire-resistant features, these unique aluminium solutions resist the heat and guide excessive smoke away for everyone’s safety.

Sounds like the solution for you? Be sure to contact a Reynaers Alumnium representative for expert advice on all things smoke-resistant.

Discover our Smoke control solutions
CW50 fireproof system in smoke proof demonstration


Windows and Doors.

Why aluminium?

The most important reasons to consider aluminium for your next project
  • Lifetime
  • Insulation
  • Design
  • Sustainability
  • Colours
  • Versatility
  • Safety
  • Investment

Hurricaneproof solutions

Trustworthy performance, even in extreme weather conditions

Hurricanes are known to leave disastrous damage wherever they go. Luckily,  the hurricaneproof systems by Reynaers Aluminium can help. These durable solutions are built to withstand high-velocity winds and heavy rain, typically associated with tropical storms and cyclones.

Our systems are available in various hurricane resistance levels, depending on on the element size, glass type and configuration, and local regulations. Not sure which safety level suits your project best? Reach out to a Reynaers Aluminium representative for all your questions.

Discover our Hurricaneproof solutions

Bulletproof solutions

The ideal match for high-risk public buildings

Bulletproof systems are sturdy and secure products often applied in high-risk buildings and/or areas, such as police stations, banks and airport facilities. They are designed to protect people from impacts of various types of fire arm, if these ever should occur. Life-saving technology, ready at all times.

At Reynaers Aluminium, we offer bullet-resistant products that comply with different safety levels, depending on the chosen hardware, glass type and configuration. Contact your Reynaers Aluminium representative for specific project advice and product information.

Discover our Bulletproof solutions


Extreme resilience. Save lives.

A blast resistant façade protects people and goods in case of an explosion. The extreme pressure from a blast can shatter an ordinary façade and the flying shards can cause major injuries and damage.

We tested a multiple variants to make sure we have a head start when designing your project solution.

Discover our Explosionproof solutions
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