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Turn your house into a smart home with Reynaers Aluminium

Easy access at the push of a button, or fail-proof security with the help of a clever fingerprint scanner and keypad.

Girl entering white house via fingerprint scanner technology.

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Night view of a high-rise building with an open parallel window in the glass façade.

U-value: what does thermal insulation mean for your building project?

Sustainable homes and buildings are the only way forward. Every aspect counts. A lesser-known, yet extremely significant factor to measure energy efficiency is the U-value. The lower it is, the better the thermal efficiency or insulation of your home.

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Aluminium design, endless possibilities

Each project has its own unique style. Contemporary or classic, subtle or impressive: the aluminium design possibilities are endless. We help you navigate our vast range of products by highlighting some of its most frequently used design variants.

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Reflective ConceptSystem 77 windows of the Estoril Sol Residence complex in Cascais, Portugal.
Close-up of Reynaers Campus, which includes BriseSoleil 100 solutions.

Managing solar heat

In the low sun hour months, every ray of sunlight coming through your windows is a welcome gift. But in the middle of a boiling summer, we do not want to rely on air conditioning only to keep the indoor temperature under control. Reynaers Aluminium offers some innovative solutions to prevent overheating by sunlight.

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