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Launch of the new Reynaers Aluminium website

Welcome to the new and improved Reynaers Aluminium website

The Reynaers Aluminium website has a new yet familiar face. Our team of digital experts updated the website’s design, optimised the content and applied an attractive human-centred visual identity. All so we can improve your digital experience and inspire you even more.

What is new?

We invested deliberately in user-friendly technology to create a website that is easy to access, understand, and navigate. It took a full overhaul of the technical website platform to create the amazing result you experience today. But what exactly has changed?

Re-imagined design

Visit our international websites and you will notice they all have the same look and feel. Their shared modern design allows us to pass on a common Reynaers Aluminium message worldwide, focussing on communication tailored to your interests with powerful visuals.

Brand new and updated content

We go beyond the product and tell our story with optimised and relevant content. Next to up-to-date product information, you will find plenty of inspiring content such as stories, news articles, and highlighted projects. That way, we can help you decide which of our products or services matches your needs.

What is next?

Innovation and continuous improvement is part of our Reynaers Aluminium DNA. In fact, this early website design is just the beginning, as there are many other developments yet to come. In the upcoming year, the website team will test and adjust the current design further to optimise the online experience of all visitors.

This new online platform allows us to keep our product and service offering strong and growing. Be sure to keep a close look on the website for future updates and added content.

Launch of the new Reynaers Aluminium website