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3D render of harbour and city centre with skyscrapers.

Surfing USA: The Story of The Reynaers Aluminium MasterWall

Imagine a standardised window wall system that answers to all stakeholders’ needs. That is the story of MasterWall, the Reynaers Aluminium façade solution designed to clad vast surfaces in a limited amount of time. MasterWall complements any high-rise façade perfectly thanks to its numerous design options and easy installation. All while meeting and beating the toughest quality requirements. It is the perfect product for both architects, installers, and residents.

In 2019, an increasing demand for a standard unitised façade system came to rise in North America. In New York City, the metropolitan with the most high-rise buildings in the US, our local research team noticed that most window wall products did not provide great weatherproofing. An all-round cladding solution was missing and we knew exactly what to do.

In order to make a high-rise building weatherproof, the go-to solution is the curtain wall. However, in most cases, these systems are harder to produce and can be expensive to install. In contrast, the production and installation of window walls is much easier: the system is easier to handle and can be both glazed and installed inside the building. This means no need for big and bulky cranes placed outside.

Window walls are similar in production and installation to standard windows, but offer a sleeker unitised façade system.

MasterWall and window solutions set in a red-brick American building project.

As window walls are not your typical European solutions, as a European company we had to come up with an entirely new product concept. Inspired by our premium MasterLine 8 systems, we created the MasterWall façade solution. Our Belgian Research & Development Department worked closely with the Reynaers Aluminium US team to deliver a safe and comfortable solution that matches any building’s design. Choose between different opening elements, floor slab options, and profile variants to give your project its unique look and feel.

Ease of installation and design freedom are only two reasons why MasterWall received an Architect’s Newspaper’s Best of Product Award.

MasterWall officially launched in the North-American market in the summer of 2021 and has been a solution of choice for architects and building professionals ever since. Its development shows how we can create wonderful solutions by listening closely to our partners’ needs.

Discover all features of this premium façade system on the MasterWall product page.

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3D model of MasterWall corner sample.