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Turn-tilt window in private Polish home, with tree on the side.
09 Mar 2022

When do your windows need aluminium renovation?

Wondering if it is time to renovate your windows and doors but unsure how to decide? In this article, we look at some visible and invisible criteria to consider when thinking about windows or doors replacement.

Not every aluminium renovation is the same. Replacing windows and doors can either be categorised as a light or heavy renovation. A heavy window replacement renovation means the complete window system is broken out and replaced. For a light renovation, the mounted outer frame is usually still in good condition and only the movable parts and glazing are replaced.

Visible criteria

Sometimes it is easy to spot windows and doors in need of renovation. They could be outdated or have a style that may no longer match the surrounding building(s). Maybe there is visible damage to the frames or glass. When you still have single paned windows or doors, we recommend upgrading your glazing to improve energy efficiency.

Look out for moisture build-up between your double or triple panes as well. In fact, condensation could be a sign of poor glazing insulation, which is a notable reason for windows replacement. Also, opening vents that lag or do not close correctly can be a source of heat inefficiency. Time to call a professional for aluminium renovation.

Woman wiping moist window pane with bare hand.

Invisible criteria

If none of the visible criteria apply to your project, you might still be unsure whether an aluminium renovation is necessary. However, considering the following invisible principles can help you make an informed decision.

Your frames may be decaying without there being visible damage. Wooden windows, for example, can hide weathering and a loss of structure under a fine coat of paint. Do you regularly experience drafts while sitting close to your window? This could indicate heat inefficiency and less than perfect insulation from your windows, doors or sliding systems. You can tell by your energy bill if you should upgrade to more energy-efficient solutions.

Reading corner with SlimLine 38 windows.

Moreover, weatherproof windows might protect against the heat, cold and rain, but sometimes annoying outside noise still finds its way into your home. Triple glazing is an excellent option to turn your project into a silent hideaway in busy or high-traffic areas.

Replacing windows or upgrading glazing can help make your home more energy-efficient.

If you think aluminium renovation might be something for you, consider Reynaers Aluminium as your trustworthy building partner. For any kind of renovation project, we offer the profile design that matches your building needs the best. So, have a look at our vast range of solutions, contact us and start building your perfect home today.

Want some quick tips on how to maintain your newly renovated windows and doors?

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Nowa Magdalenka – Marcin Czowicki (architect), Bartosz Makowski (photographer)
Villa Treviso – Piero Annoni (photographer)