Burglar resistance

Windows and doors need to have a sufficient standard of security. Especially the back of your house, where most break-ins often occur. Without standard security, an alarm system is useless. But how can you properly secure your building from unwanted visitors? Aluminium windows and doors are well resistant to burglary because of the extreme stability and resistance to deformation of the base material.

Burglar-proof systems
Reynaers provides you with a choice of burglary and bullet resistance levels. Just as an example, we are able to produce our windows with several locks on multiple sides of the window.  We also have safeguards that ensure that the position of the open windows can only be changed if they are closed first leaving thieves  left out in the cold.

Watch the below burglar resistance testing video, performed on a  CF 77 folding system.

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For additional security of aluminium windows and doors, there are various options. For example, special security fittings with several locking points and a deadbolt. In addition, the hardware is fitted with an anti-drill plate and an anti-lift device. This makes it almost impossible for thieves to drill the lock or break open the window using a crowbar. By replacing existing glass with safety glass and ordinary glazing beads by special ones, safety will always be increased. Your Reynaers professional has the right solution for your situation.

In order to determine the degree of protection against burglary, different resistance categories were created (in accordance with European norm ENV 1627-1630). This classification is based on perpetrator type, behaviour, area of application, risk and application recommendation. According to these standards, our systems are tested in the Reynaers institute, by official certification bodies such as SKG, IFT, WTCB TNO, Peutz, Efectis, ITB, WFRG,... You can watch an official burglary test on our YouTube-channel.