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Child looking out of an open window.
07 Mar 2022

Aluminium guarantees the safety of your children

It is not always easy to keep your eyes on (young) children. They are brave and adventurous, but accidents can happen when you least expect it. Reynaers Aluminium develops high-quality and user-friendly products with the safety of children in mind.

Full glass windows on the first floor, heavy sliding doors that do not stop that easily – all risky parts in your home that your children interact with on the daily. At Reynaers Aluminium, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to the safety of our systems. We explain some of the many safety features that make your house secure for you and your family.

Impact resistance

Children bumping into windows while playing? As a parent, you give your son or daughter a kiss and hope the glass will not break. Luckily, all our systems are subjected to stringent impact tests. In our state-of-the-art Test Centre, experts drop sandbags or a double tyre to simulate the effect of a moving object colliding with an installed window. That way, we ensure the stability and sturdiness of even our largest aluminium profiles and glass surfaces.

Women with children sitting in sofa behind large window wall.

Glass balustrade

With full glass solutions on the first floor or higher, your house or apartment can use some glass balustrades to keep you and your family members safe at all times. Without having to compromise on beauty, simply attach these systems directly to the window profiles and enjoy both an elegant and reliable solution.

Reynaers Aluminium RB Glass balustrade emphasises transparency with a minimal profile, especially developed for window areas in high-rise buildings. Even without balconies, you can now safely open your windows or sliding doors to enjoy an unobstructed view. The RB Glass solution can be used for a wide range of our window and door systems (ConceptSystem and MasterLine 8), and our sliding systems (ConceptPatio and HiFinity).

Finger protection

Fingers getting caught between closing doors, it can happen to both children and adults. To avoid such painful accidents, certain Reynaers Aluminium doors can be fitted with a special finger-protection feature. Next, an anti-error device on window or door handles help avoid the unexpected opening of any element. Enjoy some peace of mind and let your child explore.

Enjoy some peace of mind thanks to finger-protection technology by Reynaers Aluminium.

Glass balustrade attached to ConceptSystem 77 window, featured in Rotterdam project.

Safety and user-friendliness are the main priorities of all our aluminium systems. Especially for the sake of our youngest end-users, we make sure to develop elegant products with a safe and secure design. Building a childproof home has never been easier with Reynaers Aluminium at your service.

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