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Exterior view of sleek ConceptWall 50 façade, featured on the Equator project in Warsaw.
03 Mar 2022

Reynaers Aluminium curtain walls: design and performance in one

With Reynaers Aluminium curtain wall solutions, you create a façade that is different from the rest. Choose an exterior building envelope that is ready to withstand all weather conditions and looks stunning while doing it.

Our curtain walling solutions provide both functional and aesthetic added value for any renovation and new construction project. The range is diverse and includes stick curtain walling, unitised element façades, and unique window wall systems. All high-end aluminium products that raise the design and performance of your building to a higher level.

Stick and unitised curtain walling

Meet the two main types of curtain walling constructions: stick and unitised façades. With stick curtain walling, the profiles are assembled mainly on site. Easy and fast production makes this one of our broadest applied solutions. Other (opening) systems, such as sliding doors and windows, are easily integrated. Unitised façades, on the other hand, consist of large pre-assembled units that drastically decrease assembly time on site. Aluminium is typically used for the frames because of its strength and stability.

Outdoor view building façade with parallel opening windows.

Unitised façades can integrate opening elements as well, such as top-hung and parallel opening windows, both systems that can be motorised for ultimate ease of operation. Or add one of our solar shading systems both to unitised and stick façades to guarantee pleasant indoor temperatures at all times. Whether you choose a stick or unitised façade by Reynaers Aluminium, you will always get a highly durable product that is moisture-resistant, corrosion-proof, and almost 100% recyclable.

Both stick curtain walling and unitised façades provide a 100% recyclable, weatherproof solution.

Aesthetical façade systems

Enjoy ultimate creative freedom thanks to our aesthetic and versatile façade systems. Different styles of face caps from horizontal to vertical lining, to a more minimalistic Slimline design give your building project its personal look and feel. With Reynaers Aluminium façade solutions you can create a unique architectural design with products that are both easy to install and easy to integrate.

Having trouble choosing? We list some of our favourite curtain wall designs and briefly explain what makes them the perfect match for your project.

  • Slimline – Slim and subtle aluminium profiles to offer you ultimate design freedom. Ideal for any contemporary project with large glass surfaces.
  • Horizontal Lining – An aesthetical horizontal architectural style, creating stunning glass walls that let in a maximum of daylight. The visible profiles above and below the glass wall are available in multiple designs, and emphasise the width of the building.
  • Vertical Lining – Similar to horizontal lining, but the glass-to-glass connection is now done on top and bottom. Vertical profiles left and right of the glass accentuate the height of the building.
  • Structurally Glazed – Structurally sealed glass that creates a continuous glass curtain wall finish, without visible aluminium on the outside.
  • Roof Application or Flush Roof Vent – Quality roof solutions that effortlessly cover inclined glass surfaces.
Detail exterior view of element façade on the Crystal building in Prague.

High-performance and aesthetic curtain walls

We can help your façade solution match your windows and doors thanks to our exceptional range of colours and finishing types. Reynaers Aluminium offers over 450 different shades to give your façade its characteristic look. Choose between metallic, anodised, matte, gloss, and coatex finishes to brighten up your project instantly.

Excellent design meets unrivalled performance, as Reynaers Aluminium curtain walls are available in various energy levels. From low or medium-insulated profiles to passive levels of thermal insulation, there is always a façade solution for you. All of them extensively tested and ready to help your building project reach new impressive heights.

We offer a ten-year guarantee on all Reynaers Aluminium systems.

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Equator IV – APA Wojciechowski, Aukett Polska SP (architects)
Crystal – Libor Hrdousek & Radek Lampa (Atelier 15) (architects); Marek Hrubý, Vojta Zikmunda (photographers)