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Quality expert testing aluminium profile sample.
15 Mar 2022

Our quality certifications

At Reynaers Aluminium, we offer the highest technical quality and focus on being as sustainable as possible. As a result, many of our systems have been awarded quality and sustainability certifications we proudly display.

When choosing materials, everyone wants the right balance of high quality and excellent pricing. Comparing quality certifications helps you as consumer or building planner to make an informed decision for your project’s joinery. Reynaers Aluminium strives to offer the best quality, as shown by our many labels and certifications.

Why quality labels are important

Why should you look for quality labels in the first place? Quality certifications show a company’s dedication to high quality and clear production standards, which adds to your building’s value as well. It also shows a company’s willingness to add to the sustainability of a product and comply with (inter)national regulations. When you use materials that sport multiple sustainability labels, you ensure your building achieves excellent thermal and energy performances.

Moreover, many local government bodies offer tax cuts or grants when you apply sustainable products in your new-build or renovation project. That way, these often highly insulated products are the best solution for both your building and your wallet.

Outside view of white Romanian private home with bright lights shining through the windows.

Reynaers Aluminium’s quality certificates

We take pride in the life-long quality of all our systems. Reynaers Aluminium windows and doors are all CE-marked, which ensures they meet the strict quality standards and legislation of the European Union. Our products also carry the ISO 9001 label, meaning we have an extensive quality management programme, including but not limited to product quality and process management.

Reynaers Aluminium offers a 10-year warranty on all systems, and a 5-year warranty on hardware accessories.

The quality of our coating and anodised finish types is ensured by Qualicoat and Qualanod certifications. This means they meet high standards with respect to service life, UV-resistance, discolouration, and seal integrity. To ensure future quality as well, we upgraded our quality testing lab – the Q Lab – which tests our prototypes and compares them to the quality of the original design. That way, you can rely on the latest tested and approved aluminium solutions in your home.

Sustainability certificates

Reynaers Aluminium systems also carry many sustainable building quality labels, such as the DGNB certificate. DGNB promotes buildings with a vision towards the future. This means that during the design and construction phase of this building, attention was paid to sustainability and the living environment in the area.

Next, BREEAM labels are awarded to projects that exceed national sustainability standards. Our professionals can offer advice and help you gain the necessary score to certify your BREEAM sustainable building. Similarly, they provide guidance on gaining LEED points with sustainable Reynaers Aluminium systems as well. LEED is the most widely used building rating system when it comes to environment care, and the label is a sign of green building quality all around the world. Ready to build your perfect green home too?


Corbeanca House – Miruna Ardelean (architect), Arthur Tintu (photographer)