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Close-up of Reynaers Campus, which includes BriseSoleil 100 solutions.
07 Mar 2022

Managing solar heat

In the low sun hour months, every ray of sunlight coming through your windows is a welcome gift. But in the middle of a boiling summer, we do not want to rely on air conditioning only to keep the indoor temperature under control. Reynaers Aluminium offers some innovative solutions to prevent overheating by sunlight.

Air conditioning or electric fans add up on your energy bill and are not energy-efficient options for climate control. That is why our range of solar (heat) control solutions provide excellent solar shading to manage how (much) the sun shines into your home or business every day. We explain some of our options here.

Creating some refreshing shade

On hot sunny days, it is important to find the right balance between allowing sunlight into your building and making sure it does not become uncomfortably hot. A good way to ensure the right balance of both is to incorporate aluminium sun screening systems into your construction’s design. Creating the correct amount of shade is also an efficient way to save on your energy bill, as the air conditioning does not have to blow all day.

From (pre-assembled) awnings to shutters and movable louvres – there is always a solar shading solution for you.

Reynaers Aluminium BriseSoleil (BS) systems both provide the necessary shade and allow in daylight efficiently. Our aluminium solar shading louvres come with a 10-year warranty, are low in maintenance, and aesthetically suit most building projects. In terms of design, our systems offer many colour options and coating finishes, ranging from gloss, matte or wood finish to a special scratch-resistant Coatex finish.

BriseSoleil 40 systems featured in the Palazzo Arba residential building.

ReynaScreen, the integrated sunscreen

ReynaScreen is our high-quality integrated sun screening solution. It consists of a drop-down screen on the outside of your window or door, mounted in an additional insulated casing. Operated manually or automatically, ReynaScreen is a user-friendly solution that rolls down smoothly, even on the hottest days of the year.

The screen can be lowered to the exact height you need, blocking the sun’s heat or intense light to optimise your building’s thermal comfort. Moreover, ReynaScreen is compatible with all Reynaers Aluminium window and door systems, including Mosquito, our state-of-the-art insect screen.

So, if you are looking to cool down your new-build or renovation project, we can help you with a range of versatile, high-quality solar shading solutions. Trust in our expertise and choose an aluminium shading system that fits your project’s needs best.


Want to beat the heat? Have a look at our full sun shading product range.

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Reynaers Campus: Experience Centre – Jaspers Eyers Architects (architect); Phillippe Van Gelooven, Georges De Kinder (photographers)
Palazzo Arbà – Federico Nardelli (architect), Piero Annoni (photographer)