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House drawn on damp window pane.
09 Mar 2022

How to avoid window condensation

The windows of your (recently finished) home, office building, or mixed-use project have been dealing with condensation lately? We have bundled some everyday tips and long-term solutions to combat indoor humidity effectively.

So why does condensation occur? Moisture collects on the side of the window with the higher air temperature and humidity – this means condensation can be found mainly on the outside in summer and on the inside during winter. Even so, condensation on windows is not always a big problem. It can actually be a sign of a correct and airtight window installation, as neither air nor moisture is leaking out.

However, excessive condensation dripping in unprotected joinery components can lead to windows breaking or mould settling. That is why we list some useful methods to prevent condensation at all times.

Everyday solutions

The key to less condensation indoors is twofold: keeping humidity inside managed, and allowing moisture to escape to the outside. How does this work on a daily basis?

To manage humid air in your kitchen or bathroom, simply keep interior doors to these spaces closed, and contain the humidity. If you want moisture to escape, frequently ventilate by opening windows and use the extractor hood or fan. Have you tried cooking vegetables with the lid on, or drying laundry outdoors more often? With these quick tips combined, you can limit indoor moisture quite easily.

Long-term prevention

If you are looking to invest in more long-term solutions, a number of options are possible. Many Reynaers Aluminium systems have a high-insulation (glazing) variant readily available. It is true, improved thermal insulation in your walls and roof helps to stabilise your indoor temperature drastically. An additional layer of anti-condensation paint can limit moisture as well.

Cooking a meal on the stove, heat and moisture rising heavily.

Upgrade your window glazing to a more sustainable alternative and maintain a steady indoor climate.

But most importantly, make sure excess indoor moisture can find its way outside by ventilating. Most ventilation systems work via electricity and need noisy extraction fans. However, integrated ventilation solutions by Reynaers Aluminium are easily adjustable, perfectly fit any building type and offer both optimal fresh air access and superior thermal insulation. They are the easiest and most ecological solution for your specific project.

Ventalis ventilation system mounted on window.