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Woman drinking coffee behind glass window on a rainy day.
09 Mar 2022

The highest level of wind and water tightness

In summer, large opening windows are the perfect way to bring your homely interior and the luscious outdoors together. But what about the wet and windy wintertime? How do those large frames cope with the cold and moisture? It all comes down to wind and water tightness.

Wind tightness and water tightness are two of the most important factors that determine the quality and living comfort of your building.

A waterproof and windproof home offers you several invaluable benefits:

  • Little or no draught gets inside. Our standard aluminium doors are windproof up to wind force nine, being a storm. Tilt-and-turn windows up to wind force 11.
  • Even in heavy rain, your home will be protected from water seeping through.
  • Reynaers Aluminium windproof profiles offer excellent thermal insulation. Build an energy-efficient home that withstands both heat and cold, all year long.

How does it work?

How do our aluminium profiles provide such excellent water and wind-tight performance? Thanks to some clever and crucial developments by our worldwide team of innovators, of course.

Firm sealing gaskets…

Reynaers Aluminium solutions are equipped with high-quality EPDM gaskets that keep out air and water at all times. We provide our window systems with a central gasket to establish a water barrier, while an acoustic gasket increases the acoustic performance. Noise and moisture are no longer an issue. Similarly, our doors have dedicated gaskets on both the inside and outside to ensure superb air tightness and water tightness as well.

… and a clever water drainage system

A firm water barrier is one way to obtain excellent water tightness, but a thought out water drainage system is crucial as well. In windows, doors, sliding doors, and curtain walls alike, the system makes sure water that enters before the water barrier is led out through special drainage slots, which prevent water from accumulating. Drainage caps cover the slots, but by attaching an extra profile, you can make your drainage system disappear entirely.

Detail view of concealed drainage in a black aluminium window.

Tested and approved solutions

With windows and doors, air may be lost through the frame joints. That is why we call wind tightness a relative concept: the air loss or draught greatly depends on the type of seal, which usually features a rubber strip or brush. The larger the window, the more relative air loss is allowed according to the official (inter)national standards.

Meeting international standards, Reynaers Aluminium systems are developed to match the requirements of your specific project as well. To guarantee ultimate wind and water tightness, our systems are meticulously tested in our state-of-the-art Test Centre in Duffel. The Centre bundles the know-how and experience of architects, building professionals, and our own technical experts to help you create your own future-proof home.

Detail view of sprinkler performing a water tightness test.