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DGNB Logo, set on a green background.
15 Mar 2022

DGNB: a sustainable quality label

DGNB is a quality label awarded to building projects that meet the toughest sustainable requirements. Energy efficiency, long-lasting materials and the impact on your building’s living environment are taken into account.

DGNB stands for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen, the name of the German Sustainable Building Council who awards the certificate. The DGNB label promotes buildings with a future-oriented vision. This vision includes attention to sustainability and the living environment during the planning and construction phase of your building project.

Building sustainably

Several criteria need to be met in order for your project to achieve the DGNB sustainable quality label. First, environmental quality heavily depends on energy efficiency and working with renewable materials. You can only build sustainably if your resources themselves are durable. Another factor is economic quality. This overlaps the environmental concern when it comes to energy efficiency: long-lasting materials and energy-efficient components both help raise the value and lengthen the lifetime of your building.

When building your green home, consider the DGNB criteria as early as possible.

The DGNB also takes into account the technical, sociocultural and functional quality of products used in construction. Finally, when constructing, the process and site quality are considered as well. You can tell many factors need to apply before your building is awarded a DGNB label. This makes it a trustworthy indicator of your project’s sustainable character. Create your own low-energy, DGNB-certified new-build or renovation project with the help of green building solutions by Reynaers Aluminium.

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