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Colour expert powder coating aluminium profiles.
09 Mar 2022

Aluminium powder coating and durability

At Reynaers Aluminium, we test our products’ weather resistance regularly to provide our clients with the most durable solutions. In our range of aluminium powder coatings, we have three classes of weather durability, all with their own specific aspects and benefits.

First things first: how do we test our coatings? The Florida test is a widely popular method for estimating resistance to outdoor elements. The region’s subtropical climate is an ideal high intensity benchmark when it comes to measuring humidity, heat, rain, and UV resistance. If the profiles can withstand the Florida climate, you are sure of a quality weatherproof solution.

We look for cracking and peeling, changes in colour such as fading or matting, and moisture sensitivity. Accelerated corrosion testing and biodegradation tests measure the possible creation of moulds, mildew, fungi, and algae. Nothing is left to chance.

We expose our aluminium profiles to simulated extreme weather conditions to test their coatings’ quality and longevity.

Close-up of colour sample wall in the Reynaers Experience Room.

Three different powder classes

We work with three powder classes of aluminium coating. We explain their differences and specific benefits for homeowners below:

Class 1 – Standard aluminium powder coating

The Class 1 coating level includes all our standard powders. The Reynaers Aluminium standard powders hold an AAMA 2605, which is the highest quality available for organic coatings. This means the coating has passed the one-year rating on the Florida test, indicating its high performance.

Class 2 – Higher colour durability and UV resistance

Our Class 2 powder coatings comply with the AAMA 2604 standard. These have less problems with discolouration than Class 1 and boast a higher resistance to UV rays. With a five-year score on the Florida test, the coatings are labelled “super durable”.

Class 3 – Extreme sun resistance

Class 3 coatings are extremely durable with a ten-year rating on the Florida test. They are perfect for extreme weather conditions, such as high humidity climates or regions with lots of sun hours. Class 3 powders also adhere to the AAMA 2605 standard, yet are only available in the US.

Whether sporting a Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 powder coating, our aluminium profiles always offer ultimate performance and the best weatherproof solution for your new-build or renovation project. Tested and approved quality by Reynaers Aluminium.

We offer a ten-year guarantee on all powder-coated finishes.

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