Veranda Brescia

Veranda Brescia

Luciana Braghini – Studio LB Monticelli

This veranda with a contemporary and elegant design was built in a new condominium at the foot of the Brescian pre-Alps. This architectural solution has made it possible to considerably expand the living spaces in order to make the most of the outdoor space of the terrace at any time of the year.

The veranda integrates perfectly with the house, as if it were a natural extension of it; enriches it with an extra space that can be used for example as a dining room, gym, study room. It creates a cozy place, dedicated to relaxation and leisure, to be shared with the whole family at any time of day and year .

The extreme versatility of the veranda adds value to the home, combining functionality and comfort.

Veranda with a view

The veranda offers panoramic views of the Brescia pre-Alps surrounding the area. Moreover, its perfectly balanced geometry and defined lines give a modern sense of harmony and tranquility to the entire house.

The CP 130 sliding doors used in the veranda allow a passage free from obstacles between the internal and external environment. The Reynaers aluminum systems used, in addition to allowing the creation of a wide range of geometries, styles and colors, make surface maintenance extremely easy.

Focus on natural light

The CR 120 system used for the construction of this elegant veranda guarantees optimal thermal insulation and high energy efficiency, in addition to the maximum entrance of natural light. Moreover, in the supporting structure of the veranda it is also possible to integrate cables and lights, for an integrated and complete aesthetic solution.

Luciana Braghini – Studio LB Monticelli
Brescia, Italy