Axis Towers

Axis Towers

Nino Mosulishvili Nikoloz Kilasonia Alexander Mezhevidze Gega Astakhishvili

Axis Towers, located in the Vake district of Tbilisi, on Chavchavadze Avenue, behind the statue of Galaktion, is a symbol of modern Tbilisi. The twin towers with their unique architecture, engineering solutions, multifunctionality and scale are a national pride of Georgia.

Axis Towers is designed on the principle of a "city within a city." The infrastructure was developed with different day-to-day functions in mind, which allows residents to live, work and relax without leaving the building. In addition to the building itself, the developer set himself the task of creating a public space on the grounds of the complex in order to satisfy the need of the city for pedestrian zones. The street, which connects Chavchavadze Avenue with Abuladze Street, will be entirely devoted to a recreation area. It will house cafes, restaurants and open spaces, the area will become a meeting place for both residents and tourists in Tbilisi.

The towers are mounted in the opposite direction from each other, creating the illusion of rotation. They are both similar and different from each other. One of the towers is lined with dark glass, the second with white stone. In addition to colour, the contrast of light and heavy materials is used to showcase the difference between the buildings. The main components of the frame construction of the buildings are the rod in the centre and twelve massive pylons around it in each tower. Among the complex engineering solutions is the system of piles, the depth of which exceeds 30 meters. The total length of horizontal and vertical piles is 18 km. The constructive design meets all international standards. International engineering companies such as Europroject and Hinman participated in its examination. The Axis Towers model was tested in a wind tunnel for various types of loads at the Institute of Applied Sciences at the Prague Academy.


“Axis Towers consists of two towers: Stone Tower and Glass Tower, which combine living spaces, a hotel, office spaces, restaurants, a fitness center with a swimming pool, and a retail space.”

City: Tbilisi 

Developer: Axis 

Fabricator: Elita Burji 

The total area of the front glazing: 29 500 m2 

Total height: 147 m (41 floor), with 4 floors of underground parking


Axis Towers is the first facility in the world where two towers, turn around their own axis, but stand on the same foundation. This decision was made based on the location of the site and the need to select durable types of soil, rock, as Georgia is a country with medium seismic activity. Each floor is turned by 2 degrees around its axis and thus a spiral is obtained.

The area in which the towers are located is called Vake, a rich, prestigious district. The upper floors of the towers offer beautiful views of the entire city and, in particular, the Dynamo stadium.

Axis Towers is a multifunctional complex. In the so-called “White Tower” (Stone Tower) there are apartments, in the “Black Tower” (Glass Tower) there is a hotel, offices, a fitness centre with a swimming pool (in the pedestal) and at the highest floor is the Sky Bar, which became the highest point of Tbilisi.


“Axis is the first building in the world of this class and level, which is designed and built on one foundation separated by multiple expansion joints.”
CP 130 Sliding Systems, CP 155 (-LS) Sliding Systems, CW 50 Curtain Walls and CS 77 Doors - Apartmentcomplex Axis Towers located in Tbilisi, Georgia

SERGEY SUDDYA - design engineer of the façades of the object Axis Towers, Elita Burji

"It can be said that Axis Towers is an experimental object not only for Georgia but also all over the world. It is also the first building in the world of this class and level, which is designed and built on one foundation separated by multiple expansion joints. The building’s architecture is quite complex and all constructional solutions are designed in such a way as to withstand the heavy wind loads peculiar to Tbilisi. 

The project has fulfilled all the necessary thermal parameters, calculated the loads and complied with all these high requirements. This also applies to the coefficient of daylight transmission and noise reduction due to the Reynaers Aluminium profile systems combined with double-glazed windows. Equally important is seismic resistance, where due to the necessary gaps between the double-glazed windows and aluminium profiles of the systems we reached the required high level of the indicator. Opening sashes of large sizes were used, doors with a height of more than 3.5 m and a width of more than 2 m. Constructions of non-standard height and width were used. The Reynaers Aluminium CP 155-LS slide system was built into the CW 50 system - no one has ever officially done this. "

“On the top floor is the Sky Bar, which became the highest point in Tbilisi.”

TENGIZ KVANTALIANI, Reynaers Aluminum, Georgia. - The Reynaers Aluminium systems that were used in the Axis Towers project were chosen by the customer because they met the reliability requirements (there was a request to test for 4500 Pa), ergonomics and the overall appearance of the building.

In the project, several Reynaers Aluminium systems were applied at once and many individual solutions were developed. The entire ground floor is glazed using the CW 50-SC system - a structural glazing was installed with a height of more than 2,700 mm and a width of 1200 mm.

On the towers - the standard type of glazing is CW 50. The CP 155-LS sliding system is built into the CW 50 system – a unique solution. The CW 50 façade system with embedded CW insert structural doors was also used, with reinforced hardware of the American manufacturer. In addition, Reynaers Aluminium sliding systems CP 155-LS and CP 68, window-door system CS 77 (windows, doors of internal and external opening) were installed.

This is the largest project for Reynaers Aluminium in Georgia today, and its successful implementation will have a positive impact on the company's image in the country in the face of fierce competition. It is safe to say that the Axis Towers will become the hallmark of Tbilisi.


Elita Burji
Nino Mosulishvili Nikoloz Kilasonia Alexander Mezhevidze Gega Astakhishvili
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tamar Digmelashvili
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Axis (Project developers)