CW 60-HI

CW 60-HI

Concept Wall 60 'High Insulating'

Solution for heavy glass panes

Concept Wall® 60 is an excellent thermally insulated curtain wall system for robust constructions of large glass surfaces, that answers even to the specific needs of sloped or curved constructions. This modular system is designed with intelligently reinforced profiles, allowing the use of glass panels with weights up to 450 kg.

The CW 60 concept meets the highest requirements in water- and air tightness, wind load resistance and thermal insulation. It also offers the possibility to integrate triple glazing.

This curtain wall system is standard available in 4 different aesthetical outside appearances. These different design options, together with the flush roof application, make CW60 the perfect system for ultimate design freedom. In addition, CW 60 is made up of an extensive profile range and facilitates the integration of all types of windows.

Technical information


Visible width interior60 mm 
Visible width exterior60 mm 
Max. height vent2000 mm 
Max. width vent2500 mm 
Rebate height25 mm 
Min. Glass thickness22 mm 
Max. Glass thickness62 mm 


Burglar resistanceWK2

Opening elements

  • Flush Roof VentFlush Roof Vent