Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) are multifunctional systems that generate electricity through photovoltaics while serving as part of the construction. BIPV can be part of a building’s envelope, or solar protection devices like sun shading.

Today’s BIPV products come in all shapes, colours and functions. They are affordable, beneficial and highly attractive as the defining element in a building’s design. Moreover, they contribute to the ecological image of the building and the people it houses. What’s more, their flexibility makes them ideal to work with.

Why choose BIPV?

•        Increased energy performance and cost-efficiency
•        High tech ‘green energy’ solution with return on investment
•        Increase the value of your building, both in design and energy management
•        Easy to maintain

In our commitment to provide sustainable building solutions, Reynaers makes it possible to integrate photovoltaic panels in various product ranges.

CW 60 Solar
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The BIPV products are designed to comply with the requirements of photovoltaic panels, by avoiding shading on the panels and by a smart and secure integration of the electrical wiring. All our solutions can be used in combination with the three types of PV panels: mono and poly crystalline and amorphous cells. With this dedicated product range, architects and fabricators can turn the building envelope into an active component, which generates electricity through photovoltaic panels.