11 Sunridge Park

A modern, contemporary property using Reynaers system CP 96. 

The Brouwhuis

Nestled in the middle of the woods, among the fens, is Brouwhuis, a house of modest proportions but with phenomenal views of the surrounding area.

Joie de Vivre (Street of Dreams)

Joie de vivre house received no less than 17 of the 21 awards available for the Street of Dreams exhibition.

Lake Wakatipu House

Your eye is immediately drawn through to the lake and mountains beyond as the main living area is set six steps down in front of you

Knowledge Centre ARhus

The ‘open house’ currently fulfils the role of meeting place and public information forum for the residents of and visitors to Roeselare.

Narvil Hotel

The Narvil Hotel is a new luxurious recreational complex, built in the small city of Serock.

Villa Rotonda

A remarkable fusion of contemporary traditionalism and artisanal modernism

Van Acker Sissau villa

An 'All-in-one' villa with an open plan

Estoril sol residence complex

A strong statement at the entrance to the town

Dalston Lane

A large-scale urban renewal project

Vivienda Particular

View all images of Vivienda Particular in Alicante, Spain and discover the partnerships and used systems.