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Hi-Finity Apartment Nice

The concept for this apartment complex emerged in the 1970’s when city authorities approached famed architect André Minangoy to develop an ambitious real est...

Biennale Architettura 2018: FREESPACE

Veranda Brescia

The veranda integrates perfectly with the house, as if it were a natural extension of it; enriches it with an extra space that can be used for example as a dining room, g...

Next Level

Next Level is a city close to the city with houses 429 houses, 92 apartments and 6 shops. 

A3 Advanced Architecture Apartments

Aesthetics, functionality and longevity are the three components which define the architecture of A3 Apartments in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

How aluminium changed architecture

Private House Sydney

The house is characterized by a distinctive architectural style, which combines classic elements such as stone and wood with modern elements, such as aluminium windo...

Seaside villas Syvota

Unobstructed views in a traditional Greek architecture.

Design transformed

Characteristic building in the heart of Lisbon.

Asimont Villa

Intimate collection of luxury houses 

11 Sunridge Park

A modern, contemporary property using Reynaers system CP 96.