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Triple glass in a curtain wall corner sample.
09 Mar 2022

Which glazing type suits your project?

Building or renovating involves decision-making up to the next level. One important step is to determine which window and door profiles you would like to include in your project. But another key decision is often overlooked: to choose the right glass type.

With Reynaers Aluminium systems, you can incorporate large glass surfaces of up to three metres tall and six metres wide into any new-build or renovation project. Depending on the chosen solution, glass or packing elements from four to 65 millimetres can be fitted in the aluminium profiles of your choice.

Next to the height, width, and thickness of the windowpanes, the glazing type is an important factor to consider. Depending on your specific building needs, our different glass types complement projects in their own special way.

Thermal insulation

High-efficiency glass (with insulation U-values down to 1.1 W/m²k) has become the standard for contemporary homes. It insulates more than twice as well as standard double glazing, and up to five times as well as single glazing. Thermally insulated glass does come with a higher price tag, but it keeps your energy bill low by beating the cold in the winter, and the heat in the summer. Comfortable indoor temperatures are guaranteed

Family sitting at table behind large window at night.

Acoustic glass

A building project near busy roads or in the noisy city centre? Acoustic glass is the perfect choice. The specific glass type features a layer of sound-resistant foil between the glass panes, offering you ultimate peace of mind. A combination of different glass thicknesses makes the glass absorb even more decibels. Although acoustic glass is heavier than standard glazing, its superior acoustic comfort and thermal insulation are worth the effort.

Sun-resistant glass

Large windows instantly turn your building project into a bright home, office, shop... But how to beat the boiling weather? Sun-resistant glass blocks the heat during the summer, while heat losses are limited in winter when the sun is low. Or consider sunshade screens on the outside of the windows to improve heat resistance even more.

Triple glass

To complement your low-energy or passive building project, Reynaers Aluminium recommends triple glass solutions. Their thermal insulation is even better than that of our high-efficiency glass. Moreover, triple glass improves sound insulation and is harder to break. These solutions are a bit heavier, but the window profiles can be reinforced to withstand heavy wind loads or the weight of large glass panes.

Safety glass

Burglary prevention, protection against injury when bumping into the glass: safety glass offers it all. As you can combine safety glass with thermal or acoustic insulation, it is an all-round solution to fits any building type. If required, these window profiles can be reinforced to withstand heavy wind loads or the weight of vast glass surfaces.

For any architectural need, Reynaers Aluminium offers a stunning glazing solution. Compare all our options, find out which benefits you value most, and complement your new-build or renovation project with the most fitting glass type.