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Girl entering white house via fingerprint scanner technology.
03 Mar 2022

Turn your house into a smart home with Reynaers Aluminium

Easy access at the push of a button, or fail-proof security with the help of a clever fingerprint scanner and keypad. With the help of Reynaers Aluminium building automation technology, you too can add extra comfort and protection to your new-build or renovation project.

Reynaers Aluminium offers various features that link to your smart home app to make daily life more convenient, all while ensuring an optimal level of security. We gladly present some of our favourite time-saving solutions.

Futureproof building automation

Losing your keys and locking yourself out at the most inconvenient of times is a thing of the past. Thanks to our automated lock systems, simply unlock your doors with your fingerprint, remote control, or your smartphone device and walk right in.

Reynaers Aluminium offers two automated lock options: an autotronic and a multitronic system. The autotronic lock is a partially mechanic system that features three locking points and complies with RC2 burglar resistance levels. Its fully electrical variant is the sturdy multitronic system, which has a seven-point lock with an RC3 qualification. Two secure solutions, each perfectly adapted to your specific building needs.

Moreover, several of our door and sliding systems come with an optional motorisation feature. Enjoy quick and easy access at a single push of a button, even with the heaviest aluminium frames or largest glass surfaces.

Woman holding drinks, opening a motorised sliding door with a push button on the wall.

Easy client access

Some businesses require a day-latch function that opens doors on demand with a switch or via a timer. Our access control features help you run your business as smoothly as possible. A permanent-open function to grant access during certain hours is included in our range of solutions as well.

With our smart access control features, you control who can enter your home and when.

Fail-proof keypad technology

You locked yourself out of your home and do not have a key or remote with you. Our solution? Simply re-open your door with help of one of our innovative fingerprint scanners, or enter your personal code into a keypad. Assign a unique four to eight-digit code to each family member, friend, or employee and make life easier and safer for all your guests. Keypad is always offered and sold without an app and is programmed via its keyboard.

Close-up of hand using keypad access control feature.

Reynaers Aluminium keypads and fingerprint scanners have a sleek design and are plug-and-play ready to use. This means they come pre-assembled and can be installed with minimal need for an electrician. Unlike card or key locks, fingerprint scanners cannot be accessed by non-authorised visitors. It makes them a safe and trustworthy access control solution that guarantees fail-proof building security for generations to come.

Make your home as safe as possible with our burglar-proof solutions.

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