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Interior view of penthouse apartment featuring HiFinity sliding systems.
07 Mar 2022

The right sliding door for your building project

Do you want to enjoy the view of your garden, patio or terrace at all times? A sliding door system is exactly what you are looking for. Outside becomes inside and inside becomes outside as you open up your living space to the world.

Reynaers Aluminium sliding doors bring functionality and durable beauty together. Our aluminium profiles combine an ultraslim design with great strength, offering large glass surfaces that create bright spaces. As the range of sliding doors is quite extensive, we are happy to help you choose the right sliding door system for you.

1, 2 or 3 rails?

Depending on your wishes and the project’s architectural requirements, you can choose mono-, duo- or multirail sliding solutions. One basic rule: the more rails, the more possibilities to slide open your window vents.

Sliding windows with one rail

Monorail systems combine a fixed glazed element with a moving vent, which serves as a sliding window. The fixed part contains more glass and less profile than a dual or triple rail system, giving it a sleek, modern and more minimalistic look. A monorail sliding element can also disappear into a wall, depending on which system you choose.

Two rails for optimal symmetry

A duorail sliding door integrates two glazed opening vents that have an identical look. One window vent can be fixed, but both can be installed as a sliding element as well. The identical profiles and equal glass parts ensure perfect symmetry. You can also choose a double duorail sliding window, with two fixed and two moving parts. As a result, this sliding variant features one wide opening in the middle to create even wider views.

Three rails for maximum openness

Triplerail sliding windows consist of one fixed frame with three window vents, neatly placed on three rails. With this solution, you can slide two window vents open to create maximum openness and bring interior and exterior together like never before. Because the two sliding parts cover the fixed part entirely, you get an opening that includes two thirds of the system’s total width. Multirail solutions increase the possible opening area even more.

Monorail HiFinity sliding system, featured in the Prata Riverside residential complex.

Lift-and-slide windows

Next to having multiple rail variants, sliding doors feature different opening options as well. With standard sliding doors you slide the moving part when opening it. Brushes make the system wind- and waterproof. However, in a lift-and-slide system, the moving part is lifted first and easily slides open afterwards. The rubber seal of the system guarantees even better performance in terms of wind- and water-resistance, but also in terms of acoustics.

Choose one of our innovative automatic opening systems to increase comfort even more. For example, certain configurations of the mono-, duo- or multirail solutions are perfectly compatible with a user-friendly built-in motor. Easy access guaranteed at all times.


Prata Riverside Village – The Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) (architect), Ivo Tavares (photographer)