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09 Mar 2022

Maximum air tightness ensures ultimate living comfort

Air tightness is a key issue when it comes to saving energy and ensuring optimal living comfort. But what should you look at when it comes to the air tightness of your aluminium profiles? We explain this crucial concept in detail.

Addressing the air tightness of the building façade, windows, and (sliding) doors helps you to achieve excellent thermal insulation levels. Moreover, maximise the performance of ventilation systems and avoid excessive energy costs thanks to airtight building connections by Reynaers Aluminium.

Airtight and energy-efficient

Contemporary aluminium profiles offer excellent thermal performance thanks to their thermal break and air tightness properties. However, these well-insulated systems require a matching building connection to ensure superior overall thermal insulation. Our solution? Combine high-insulating systems with an airtight installation to reduce energy consumption drastically. Your heating bill stays low, while your comfort level reaches new heights.

Reduce energy costs and improve your living comfort thanks to our airtight building connections.

The ultimate goal of airtight building connections: to improve your quality of life. Airtight aluminium systems are more durable, they increase your living comfort and save tonnes of energy costs every year. And thanks to their unlimited design options, multiple coating variants and various safety features, Reynaers Aluminium profiles are the perfect fit for any new-build or renovation project.

Want to know which airtight systems match your project the best? Reynaers Aluminium fabricators provide tailor-made advice and a flawless installation in over 70 countries worldwide. Getting more living comfort and creating an energy-efficient home has never been easier.

Façade specialist installing curtain walls on a high-rise building.


Antwerp Tower – Wiel Arets Architects, ELD Partnership (architects)