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La Salle project in Barcelona, featuring photovoltaic solutions in its façade.
07 Mar 2022

Building-Integrated Photovoltaics - green building to the next level

Sustainability is of key importance in the building industry. That is why at Reynaers Aluminium, we not only continuously improve the thermal insulation of our products, we also integrate green technology in our solutions. Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) combine the best of both worlds: they meet all architectural standards and generate clean energy as well. We explain what this energy-efficient technology can mean for you.

What are BIPV?

Building-Integrated Photovoltaics are multifunctional systems that generate electricity through solar cells, while serving as part of the construction. They can be a component of a building’s envelope, integrated as roofing, wall cladding or even glazed surfaces. But BIPV can also feature in solar protection solutions such as sun screening and shading, canopies, balcony parapets and any other architectural element of a building.

3D model of ConceptWall 60-Solar solution.

Today's BIPV products truly come in all shapes, colours and functions. Moreover, they are affordable, cost-effective and highly attractive as a defining element in any architectural style. Their versatility makes our photovoltaic systems trustworthy green solutions for both your renovation and new-build projects.

How photovoltaics improve your green building project

Reynaers Aluminium BIPV products avoid shading on the panels at all times and guarantee a smart and secure integration of all electrical wiring. When integrating photovoltaics in your building, make sure to orientate the panels towards direct sunlight. If you want to enjoy ultimate visual comfort, you have to find the right balance between the shading capacities of these semi-transparent systems and the maximum level of daylight entrance.

Front view of Hotel Altapura in Val Thorens, France which features ConceptWall 60-Solar solutions.

Our BIPV systems comply with all requirements for the three types of photovoltaic (PV) panels: mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline, and amorphous cells. With this dedicated product range, you can turn your building envelope into an active and attractive component which generates electricity through PV-panels all day long. It is an innovative way of green building that creates many benefits for you and your project:

  • Improved energy efficiency – generate reliable, clean and renewable energy
  • High-tech “green energy” solution – choose an innovative product that lasts
  • Cost efficiency – limit façade, roofing and glazing material costs with one solution
  • Increased building value – invest in quality design and easy energy management
  • Enhanced architectural design – enjoy clean looks thanks to attractive materials

If you want a project that is able to supply a large part of its own energy needs, Building-Integrated Photovoltaics from Reynaers Aluminium are the perfect solution. Take green design to the next level with this new way of energy-efficient building.

Energy efficiency is key to any new building project. Reynaers Aluminium offers many solutions.

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Hotel Altapura – Laurent Brandajs (photographer)
La Salle – Robert y Esteve Terradas Muntañola (architects), Wenzel (photographer)