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Aluminium roof of the Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi.
07 Mar 2022

Aluminium in public spaces

In the daily rush, you can easily lose sight of the personal and meaningful aspects of life. Especially when it comes to the design of public spaces and buildings, there is an urgent call for more human-centred architecture. But what does this mean in practice? And how can aluminium help create more inviting public buildings?

Shopping centres, libraries, airports, museums... all buildings primarily designed to host large groups of people efficiently at the same time. However, efficiency does not have to mean cold and boring architecture. We explain how aluminium profiles can play a crucial role in creating inspiring shared spaces and public buildings.

Human-centred architecture

Architecture adapts itself to people’s needs all the time, and as a result, standardisation is no longer the norm. Moreover, today’s architects, contractors, and investors are embracing a shift towards human-centred design. From the lobby of a block of flats to the reception area of a hospital or office building – previously generic and sterile structures are now being reimagined as welcoming meeting places.

Buildings such as shopping centres and libraries have become places that, next to their original purpose, also encourage recreation and interaction with others. Similarly to railway stations, airports, and museums, these public spaces maximise opportunities for sitting and talking, walking and shopping, passing the time and meeting new people.

The circular Barco One Campus is a meeting place for all its employees.
People sitting on the steps of LA MÉCA museum, which features Reynaers Aluminium windows.

Craftsmanship and uniqueness

Building users and homeowners all like craftsmanship and uniqueness in design, and this requires an equally unique material. Aluminium is such a versatile solution as it offers high insulation performance combined with unlimited design freedom. Both a sturdy and light material, it easily integrates into any architectural design. Aluminium can be used in all shapes and sizes, and provides the ultimate creative finish to any building type.

Aluminium is a sturdy and user-friendly material that makes any architectural design possible.

What do Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, the MÉCA museum in Bordeaux, and the Dominion Tower office building in Moscow have in common? They are all stunning public buildings that feature high-quality Reynaers Aluminium solutions. Thanks to our innovative and sustainable aluminium products, their unique design add to your overall experience when visiting these public spaces. We are committed to increase that special feeling by creating one-of-a-kind homes, buildings and public spaces, today and tomorrow.


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – Benoy Architects (architect)
Barco One Campus – Jaspers-Eyers Architects (architect), Philippe Van Gelooven (photographer)
La Méca – BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), Freaks Architecture (architects); Patrick Miara (photographer)