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  • MasterLine 8 HI Windows and CW 50-HI Façades - Apartmentcomplex Bartolomeo Resort Town located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
  • MasterLine 8 HI Windows and CW 50-HI Façades - Apartmentcomplex Bartolomeo Resort Town located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
  • MasterLine 8 HI Windows and CW 50-HI Façades - Apartmentcomplex Bartolomeo Resort Town located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
  • MasterLine 8 HI Windows and CW 50-HI Façades - Apartmentcomplex Bartolomeo Resort Town located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
  • Vadim Kozlov
  • Omega SKS

Bartolomeo Resort Town

Dnipropetrovsk - Ukraine

Bartolomeo Resort Town is a new development in the Dnieper region in Ukraine. The project is part of a grandiose urban reorganisation project conceived by architects several decades ago. The first of the five towers of the complex was commissioned this year, with another four towers in the pipeline, as well as the spa, which by its scale, quality and quantity of services will outshine all the existing recreation centres in Ukraine today. 

MasterLine 8 HI Windows and CW 50-HI Façades - Apartmentcomplex Bartolomeo Resort Town located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Project Name: Bartolomeo Resort Town Complex

Features: 5 towers, 7.5 hectares of territory, 1195 modern apartments, 85% of them with magnificent panoramas, spacious underground parking, guest parking, cafes, restaurants, spa, beauty salons, pharmacies, medical centre, fitness centre, a park , yacht club, beach and pool.

Reynaers Aluminium Systems: Masterline 8-HI, CP 155-LS Minergie, CW 50-HI


This will probably be one of the largest spa-complexes not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.

Vadim Kozlov

The order for the design of the "Bartolomeo Resort Town" complex was received by the architectural bureau of Vadim Kozlov three years ago. But back in the 90's the team headed by Leonid Suponin, Igor Zadoi and Vadim Kozlov started working on this area. There is Javornický Avenue, the central avenue in the city, which ends near the monument of Glory, located at a height of 36 m above water level. The architects came up with the idea to extend this avenue by another 500 m with a large bridge-type building, which will pass over the embankment and will come out directly to the bank of the Dnieper River to connect the city with the river. The idea was supported by many architects at the time, including in Kiev, but it was never implemented. The current construction of the Bartolomeo Resort Town complex, according to Vadym Kozlov, is a development of that old idea. In order to implement it in the future, the customer wanted to expand the commercial part and build apartments there. Since there are water sports clubs in the immediate vicinity of the site and a basketball arena was built for Eurobasket-2015, it would be quite logical to have apartments in this area. "For the first time the infrastructure was built up to the object itself, not vice versa, as the club "Bartolomeo Best River Resort", which is 8 hectares of territory with a yacht club, swimming pools, etc., has been functioning for 16 years already", - comments Ilya Shinkarenko (Director of LLC "River Town Development").

Vadim Kozlov proposed to the customer to involve Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill in the project. In 2008, an international architectural competition was announced for the development of the project in this place and Bofill was on the jury. On several occasions, Vadim Kozlov and his team travelled to Barcelona to Ricardo Bofill's office and talked about their ideas. Based on all these discussions, the concept was first developed in 2008 and then the Bartolomeo Resort Town project was developed. So, many years later, the project to reorganise the area was developed. The construction is divided into 8 phases. The first tower was commissioned this year. Now, the construction of the second tower is in progress. There will be only five of them, all placed on a common stylobate. The third stage of construction is the central part, which is planned as a gateway to Bartolomeo Park and the spa-resort. In addition to commercial areas, the central part of the hotel will accommodate 140 rooms and a large spa-complex. To date, the largest spa-complex in the Dnieper - "Tsunami", which was built according to the design of Vadim Kozlov's office in 2003. The new complex will be even cooler," said Vadim Kozlov. - It is twice as large as the first Tsunami, and all services will be provided more than once. It will probably be one of the largest spa complexes not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe".


MasterLine 8 HI Windows and CW 50-HI Façades - Apartmentcomplex Bartolomeo Resort Town located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Ilya Shinkarenko
CEO, River Town Development LLC

"Bartolomeo Resort Town" is the largest project for the Dnieper. Nobody will be able to repeat it, because there is no such site in the city both in the centre and in the countryside. This is a resort city, where you can live, relax, work in one place. There is a yacht club, a lot of restaurants, a swimming pool, a beach and a park.

Construction of the entire complex is carried out with the use of modern engineering technologies. Special attention is paid to the quality of materials used, the strength of the structure and the level of performance. 1500 piles will provide the necessary safety margin of the entire structure. The foundation plate with a total thickness of 1.4 m connects all piles and guarantees the super strength and stability of all buildings in Bartolomeo Resort Town. The architectural solution of the tower itself is dictated by two main criteria: Economy is not at the expense of quality. And the second criterium: insulation - the customer wanted all the apartments to be insulated according to the standards of the apartment building, not the hotel. Therefore, a triangular form appeared, which ensured the compliance with these criteria. "The building is energy efficient, insulation is higher than the standard" - Ilya Shinkarenko comments on the project.

"Even at the beginning of the design I expressed my wish to the customer, " - Vadim Kozlov remembers, "- that I would like to see the project in Reynaers Aluminium systems. Together with my wife we initiated a trip with our customers to the factories of Reynaers Aluminium, Renson, Laminam and others. Within 5 days we drove all over Europe and visited all the factories. That's when we first saw the Reynaers Aluminium 3D cave, which allowed customers to walk around the apartments and look out of the windows. It was the advantage of Reynaers Aluminium systems. This is the first house in the Dnieper, where sliding systems are "in the base" - on each floor there are 3 "sliding doors". Three out of ten apartments on each floor have their own terrace - it is difficult to call it a balcony, as the area of about 10 square meters and in penthouses even more. As for the Reynaers Aluminium systems used in the construction of the first tower, the newest and most modern Masterline 8-HI system was chosen for window constructions. This choice was based on the modern requirements of energy efficiency of translucent enclosing structures, as well as high requirements for water and air permeability of windows. The Masterline 8-HI system is unique as it is the only one in its segment in terms of air permeability due to the increased height of the central seal on the plane of the thermal insulating insert (thermal bridge). Thanks to this technological solution, the breathability (wind blowing) has been reduced by 25-30% compared to standard window systems available on the aluminium market. The thermal conductivity of the Masterline 8-HI system also has the best characteristics in the segment of similar systems for aluminium windows - (1.2 - 1.6 W/m2K), which with a large margin exceeds the requirements of Ukrainian standards.


MasterLine 8 HI Windows and CW 50-HI Façades - Apartmentcomplex Bartolomeo Resort Town located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Vitaly Spiridonenkov
Director of Development and Innovation, Emergencies and Emergency Situations "Stroitel-P"

"This is a unique complex which has no analogues in Ukraine. For our company it became a continuation of our previous experience on façades in large projects in different cities of Ukraine. I would like to mention the consistency of work on "Bartolomeo Resort Town" of all companies involved in the project. In particular, the cooperation with Reynaers Aluminium Ukraine, they always gave a quick response to all requests and assisted us in making technical decisions, both at the level of projectmanagement and design. In addition, technical supervision by Reynaers Aluminium Ukraine was important for the project implementation at all stages - both during the manufacturing of structures at the fabricators and during the installation".

What engineering solutions have been used to achieve this? Thanks to the use of the latest, highly insulated materials, multi-chamber thermal insulating inserts (thermal bridges), multi-chamber central seals and microporous insulating inserts along the perimeter of the glass unit with near-zero thermal conductivity.

The CP 155-LS Minergie sliding and lifting system was selected for the sliding doors. It is the most modern and insulating system in the sliding door segment. Thanks to the solutions for materials with low thermal conductivity and engineering exclusivity, the system allows to achieve a minimum thermal conductivity of 1.0 W/m2K, which guarantees the end user comfortable living and economic efficiency in the operation of residential premises. Applied hardware from the leading German manufacturer Siegenia complements the reliability and durability in the use of these designs for the residents of this complex. This system has the highest characteristics in terms of air and water resistance. All seals are made of high quality rubber (EPDM), which ensures long-term tightness of structures of the sliding doors.


In addition to the above mentioned systems, we have also applied the façade system CW 50-HI with increased thermal insulation for the production of façade translucent enclosures. The CW 50-HI system allows us to provide the highest thermal insulation values, to give the glazing the refinement of thin bindings due to the minimum width of the profiles - 50 mm. The water permeability of the system is almost zero due to the use of waterproofing butyl tape. The air permeability of this system corresponds to the highest protection class.

The window fittings of Sobinco, a leading European supplier, deserve special mention. The ultra-modern design line of Touch handles is used for this object. This is an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in the hand and allows you to easily operate the sash. Fittings are tested for cyclicity and have the highest European indicators - 25,000 cycles, which provides a guaranteed reliable operation of window structures for many years.


MasterLine 8 HI Windows and CW 50-HI Façades - Apartmentcomplex Bartolomeo Resort Town located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Vadim Kozlov
Architect of the project

"For the city, this is certainly a landmark object. In my opinion, it is in the TOP-5 in terms of construction quality. I do not know anything cooler. The façade systems that we used are at the level of private development. Previously, such systems were rarely used in large-scale projects, even in Kiev.


MasterLine 8 HI Windows and CW 50-HI Façades - Apartmentcomplex Bartolomeo Resort Town located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Dmitry Tregubov
Technical Supervision Engineer, River Town Development LLC

"As far as I know, there is no similar project in Ukraine at the moment. We hope that it will become a hallmark of our city. The only difficulty of this project is the large number of storeys of the building and its location in the open air. We had to calculate additional wind loads on structures and glass. Working with the Reynaers Aluminium systems themselves is quite simple, no questions arose.


MasterLine 8 HI Windows and CW 50-HI Façades - Apartmentcomplex Bartolomeo Resort Town located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Anatoly Brodsky
co-founder of Eclipse

"The project is significant both for many companies who worked on it and for the city of Dnieper as a whole. Everyone is aware of the importance of this project and worked with maximum efficiency. Any questions that arose were solved instantly. No delays were allowed by any of the contractors. This approach makes the project very easy to work on, creates a friendly atmosphere on the construction site, which is always a pleasure."


The Eclipse fabricator mentioned the innovative solutions used in the project. First of all, it is the approach to glazing. The building is located on the bank of the river and is tall, which creates a certain sailing ability. The use of a standard rack and pinion system is undesirable in this case," says Anatoly Brodsky, "so we insisted on a reinforced window system. This solution allowed us to close several important questions: We have minimized the possibility of damaging the glass units, which would have occurred if the rack and pinion system had been used because of the loads due to the geographical location of the building. At the same time, we kept the idea of architect Vadim Kozlov and created the project completely in glass.

We have also improved the noise insulation. As practice shows, the noise insulation in façade glazing meets all the standards, but does not meet the requirements of the demanding consumer. The window system, on the other hand, has a gap between the floors and allows for higher noise elimination performance than the façade system.

Another important factor for us is quality control. 80% of the manufacturing of the window system takes place in the workspace, in certain favourable conditions, under certain temperature conditions, undergoes quality control by the specialists of the Technical Department, while the rack and pinion system is 70% manufactured at the facility, the workspace produces only frameworks which increases the risk of human mistakes.

We also used a double-glazed window consisting of three tempered glasses 8-6-6-6. In addition to super strength, we have moved away from the possible poor quality of glass processing. In the process of hardening, the glass is subjected to different tests. If there is the slightest defect, the glass breaks. Lifting and sliding systems installed on the upper floors have also proved their worth. It has been proved by experience that they are blown out despite the very large sashes and 86 metres of building height.

In parallel with the design of the spa and four towers, the architects, headed by Vadim Kozlov, are actively working on the continuation of the project. "The spa-complex and the hotel will complete the entire facility "Bartolomeo Resort Town" and, in fact, it is the final part of the house-bridge in our global plan to reorganize this part of the city. Now, we are working on the concept of the bridge house itself and a large shopping mall, which will be adjacent to the monument of Glory, creating two city squares - one at the top and the other at the bottom with the possibility of holding gatherings, concerts, etc. - Which we currently don't have in the city. This is a rather interesting objective and I hope it will someday come true - our dream is already 30 years old. There are several areas in well organised cities - political, business, entertainment, youth. We pretend to create one of the new centres of the Dnieper", - Vadim Kozlov shares his plans.

MasterLine 8 HI Windows and CW 50-HI Façades - Apartmentcomplex Bartolomeo Resort Town located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Grigory Didyk
Head of the Design Department of LLC Reynaers Ukraine

"In addition to window and door constructions, we offered an architectural accent - the RB Glass system. The system is designed for the safe operation of so-called "French" windows and doors. The constructions have a number of tests for burglary resistance and safe operation. In a complex of applied materials we receive a warm protective cover of our façade that will allow to save considerable means in the further course of operation of inhabited and commercial premises."

Involved stakeholders


  • Vadim Kozlov
  • Omega SKS


  • Eclipse Aluminium