New Reynaers Customer Portal

A brand new Customer Portal is now available to replace the old Extranet for Reynaers customers. The Customer Portal is accessible via the Reynaers website, and provides you, as a registered user with access to a range of technical information: 

  • Fabrication catalogues
  • Product and software training
  • Hardware assembly details
  • Colour code calculator to help calculate exact colour codes for ReynaPro
  • Access to your trusted article and catalogue websites
  • Order follow-up

Select your country below and register or log in to the new Reynaers Customer Portal.

Please note that your account might need to be approved first by your local Reynaers office, or by your own company's administrator in case the company is already active on the new customer portal.

Architects and Building Professionals

All technical documentation for architects and building professionals is now publicly available on the Reynaers website. Access to the customer-only zone is not required to download these documents.
Select the "Architects" type when entering the website, or in the right upper corner of the menu, and obtain access to:

  • CAD-files and section drawings
  • Architect catalogues
  • BIM models
  • Technical infosheets


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Customer Portal Access and Registration



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