Reynaers' BIM models available on different online platforms

Supporting architects, contractors and other building professionals with their projects is a clear mission of Reynaers. This support also includes providing all information necessary to design and realize their project.  That’s why Reynaers offers BIM models of the Reynaers systems on different online platforms.

The concept of BIM is internationally acknowledged within architectural offices and all stakeholders involved in the conception of buildings, and is becoming an indispensable tool for their business. This Building Information Modelling (BIM) manages the complete process during a building’s design, construction and lifecycle from earliest conceptual design right through to eventual demolition.

Therefore, Reynaers Aluminium offers since two years BIM models (based on Autodesk® Revit) of the main Reynaers systems via their website. These models can be used for integration into building designs, plans and simulation. Unique about Reynaers’ BIM models is the availability of different building connections within the models, which allows realistic integration into specific building projects and therefore improved simulations and calculations on the complete building. Furthermore, the outer shape of the model is a realistic reproduction of the profile, so design variants of a system are displayed exactly when rendering. As a result, a clear comparison between renders of different product design variants can be made.

Since mid-November Reynaers offers their BIM models also on BIMobject®, a library platform for BIM objects. With this, Reynaers will be able to reach more actors in the building sector with their BIM models. Reynaers offers on this platform BIM models of their main systems with their most common configurations. These models can be downloaded using the BIMobject® App within Revit, or directly via the BIMobject® website. Within two weeks time, the Reynaers BIMobject® page reached already more than 10.000 visitors and more than 8000 models were downloaded, which is some kind of record in that short amount of time.

In 2016 Reynaers will go even further. They will offer a BIM model configurator (Simple as BIM) to generate all possible configurations of all the Reynaers systems. This configurator will be linked to Reynaers’ calculation & designing software ReynaPro to better meet the needs of the clients. Additional info, like Uf-values, accessories, approved dimensions and so on, will be added to the BIM models.