MasterLine 8 Swift

MasterLine 8 Swift

MasterLine 8 'Swift' window

The summit in efficiency

MasterLine 8 Swift technology brings optimal production efficiency to the fabricator. The combination of the trusted MasterLine high performance basis with a significant reduction in production time of windows, makes MasterLine 8 Swift a highly competitive product.

MasterLine Swift windows are available in the standard ‘functional’ design variant, in most opening types and on 3 insulation levels: standard, HI en HI+.

Reynaers introduces dedicated Swift profiles: profiles with gasket pre-assembled onto the profiles that have been tested on Reynaers supplied sawing and CNC machines. Swift profiles are available in 3 vent profiles (+outward opening vent), a double casement profile, 4 frames and 3 transoms.


Technical information


Min. Visible width frame: inward opening53 mm 
Min. Visible width frame-vent: inward opening97 mm 
Min. Visible width frame: outward opening20 mm 
Min. Visible width frame-vent: outward opening138 mm 
Min. Visible width T-profile80 mm 
Max. height vent2800 mm 
Max. width vent1200 mm 
Max. weight vent (element)200 kg 
Overall system depth frame77 mm 
Overall system depth vent87 mm 
Rebate height27 mm 
Min. Glass thickness4 mm 
Max. Glass thickness62 mm 
Min. Glass thickness vent13 mm 
Max. Glass thickness vent72 mm 


Air tightness max. test pressure4 (600 Pa)
Water tightnessE900 (900 Pa)
Wind load resistanceC4 (1600 Pa)
Thermal insulation (Uf)St. 1,9 / HI 1,6 / HI+1,3 W/m²K

Opening elements

  • Fixed windowFixed window
  • Inward opening combined elementsInward opening combined elements
  • Inward opening double casementInward opening double casement
  • Inward opening tiltInward opening tilt
  • Inward opening tilt turnInward opening tilt turn
  • Inward opening turnInward opening turn
  • Inward opening turn tiltInward opening turn tilt