ElementFaçade 7-SG Industrial

ElementFaçade 7-SG Industrial

"The ElementFaçade 7 optimises industrialised fabrication by introducing the straight-cut corner connection. Which brings the much-needed certainty, accuracy, and execution time. This way, our ElementFaçade 7 now becomes available for a wide range of partners and for building of all sizes. Any type of fabricator can set up their workshop in a highly flexible way. Anything is possible, from a basic machine setup for 10m² residential projects, up to an industrialized production unit for massive projects of 100.000m² or more.

ElementFaçade 7 is a versatile system, as next to the clear benefits of the straight cut, the traditional mitre cut remains available as an option.

On top of all the benefits of the Industrial system, the structural glazed (SG) variant also features bonded glass, allowing a clean and fully glazed look, with an improved glass edge finish."

Technical information


Visible width interior75 mm 
Visible width exterior11 mm 
Max. Inertia mullions (lx: wind load)453 cm⁴ 
Min. Inertia transoms (lx: wind load)216 cm⁴ 
Max. height vent3700 mm 
Max. width vent2700 mm 
Rebate height25 mm 
Min. Glass thickness36 mm 
Max. Glass thickness60 mm 


Air tightness max. test pressureAE 1200 (1200 Pa)
Water tightnessE1200 (1200 Pa)
Wind load resistance2400 Pa
Acoustic performanceRw(C;Ctr) = 43(-2;-4) dB
Thermal insulation (Uf)3.3 W/m²K

Opening elements

  • Parallel Opening WindowParallel Opening Window
  • Top Hung WindowTop Hung Window