Palacza Office Center

Palacza Office Center

Located in Poznań's Grunwald district, Palacza Office Center, with its boutique design and simple, geometric shape, offers interesting office spaces, conducive to creative work. The characteristic, dark façade is divided into sections, reaching from the floor to the ceiling.

Palacza Office Center is a relatively small, four-storey building; the area of each floor is about 290 m² of usable area, thanks to which it was possible to maintain an intimate, friendly and conducive to concentration climate. The interiors are modernly decorated and of a high standard. In the immediate vicinity there are no tall buildings which allows the building to have windows overlooking the panorama of Poznan.

The boutique office building of the Palacza Office Center is class A. Among the advantages and conveniences is a high-speed elevator, access control, surveillance and showers available on each floor. A good indoor climate is guaranteed by mechanical ventilation.

The façade is equipped with aluminium systems: CW 50-SC and CS 77-HI (inward tilt windows). The HI (High Insulation) variant provides high thermal insulation, which protects the building against heat loss. Thanks to the fact that the glazing extends from the floor to the ceiling, the interiors are well lit with natural light. Some glazing consists of two (fixed and opening part) and others of three sections (two fixed parts, one opening part), which gives the effect of dynamic differentiation of the façade in every other way.

CW 50-SC Curtain Walls and CS 77 Windows - Office building Palacza Office Center located in Poutance, Poland

The offices are accessed through an industrial hall and concrete walls.

Functionality and well-being

The offices are accessed through an industrial hall and concrete walls. The glass exterior doors use the CS 86-HI Reynaers Aluminium system. On the ground floor there is a retail and service space with several separate premises and large external showcases (CW 50-SC system).

Bold colours, elegant, compact form draw attention to the office building. Carefully thought-out simplicity translates into functionality and well-being of the people working here.

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