Brede school Houthaven

Brede school Houthaven

Marlies Rohmer

The municipality and project developers agreed that the Houthaven should become a 100% climate neutral neighborhood. Buildings are being built environmentally friendly in the Houthaven, with extra attention to energy and material use.

For this district, Marlies Rohmer designed a robust education building: Houthaven Bredeschool, that consists of two primary schools, a nursery and playgrounds for toddlers.

The school is built according to the principle of fresh school class A.

“Figure sawing with aluminium systems”Marlies Rohmer

Rohmer mentions that the aesthetic and technical aspects of the Reynaers aluminum systems were key selection criteria. ''The invisible drainage and the good static performances are important so you can make big and high frames. In addition, the finishing of the anodized windows is very good."

Marlies Rohmer
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