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Element Controller Setup

Method 1
  • Press the service button to activate the wireless access
  • Search your device for WIFI access point Reynaers EC-  <serial nr>
  • Password is printed on Element Controller
  • Open web browser and go to 
Method 2
  • Set dip-switches based on table
  • Press and hold the setup button to activate the setup procedure
  • Move vents in correct opening order
  • Confirm configuration with the setup button
  • Press a button on the system when ready to continue the automated setup


Element Controller expert details

Expert training Sliding Motor - dec2018
  • EC expert details

  • Overview of all Element Controller accessible parameters

  • Element Controller settings; buttons and calibration management

  • Individual motor parameters access.

  • General operation and diagnostics

Element Controller Upgrade for KNX

Before using KNX-compatible daughterboard,

upgrade the Element Controller with USB-key:

1. Power OFF
2. Insert USB KEY in Element Controller
3. Press and hold SERVICE button (top button)
4. Power ON
5. Wait until a LED blinks RED below the buttons
6. Release SERVICE button: LED’s start blinking fast
7. Wait until 2 LED blinks slowly at the dipswitch
8. Power OFF
9. Unplug the USB KEY
Ready to use!


KNX Element Controller

Element Controller daughter boards installation - dec2018
  • Safe procedure to install a daughterboard

HFP Installation

Hi-Finity Element Inspection
  • Recommended validation before activating motorisation
  • List of attention points

  • Validation of operating forces

Motor cables

Expert training sliding motor : electrical wiring - dec2018
  • Overview of all possible wires used
  • Overview of most common wirings, connection schemas

Motor tools installation

Expert training sliding motor : Software Tools installation - dec2018
Motor tools installation:
  • Windows-PC tools installation to manipulate the motor drives.
  • Installation of Windows-drivers for PC-motor communication.
  • Test USB-cable


Motor RApp

Expert training sliding motor : RApp usage - dec2018
  • Windows-PC tool for manipulating Reynaers motor drives : 062.8252, 062.8253 and 062.8280

  • Overview programmable parameters; changing button modes, LED feedback or safety parameters.

  •  This is an expert tool for our drives: keep always safety in mind!

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