Safety for children

A very important aspect of aluminium windows and doors is their level of safety and user-friendliness towards children. Reynaers takes this into account when designing its window –and door systems.

Impact resistance
All our systems are subjected to a severe impact test, in which a sandbag simulates the impact of a moving object (e.g. a running child) on an installed window. These tests are performed in our high-tech Reynaers Institute. The high level of impact resistance of our systems ensures a safe solution for playing kids. Watch the below impact testing video, performed on a GP 51 glass patio system.

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Other safety measures

Certain doors can be fitted with a special finger-protection application. This makes sure that a child or any other person does not get injured when their fingers get stuck between a closing door. What’s more, window –or door handles are equippedairti with an anti-error device. This device only allows the correct operation of the handles. This way, the unexpected opening of an element, resulting from incorrect operation, is avoided.