Reynaers' new extensions to CS 77 and CS 86-HI Door system offer designer appeal with superior insulation levels


New two-sided flush panelled doors further enhance the popular and fast growing CS 77 and CS 86-HI systems.  Further extensions guarantee superior air-, wind- and water performance and high insulation values.


Duffel, May 2015 – Reynaers Aluminium, leading European provider of sustainable architectural aluminium solutions, introduces new extensions to its CS 77 and CS 86-HI door systems as total door solutions. These extensions offer the market, besides an aesthetic double panelled door, also added value in terms of performance.

With the existing CS 77 and CS 86-HI systems, Reynaers has already made a significant impact on the safety and stability performance standards of doors. Both systems now have been updated to create unique designs of entrance doors and improve the insulation and weather performance.

Superior Design of Entrance Doors

The latest extensions to the CS 77 and CS 86-HI door systems provides a 2-sided flush panelled door, typically used as main entrance doors.  The use of panels on both the interior and exterior of the door gives it a unique character. It offers the possibility to answer any aesthetic design need for entrance doors in the private market. Apart from enabling clients to use full door panels, they can also opt for a spy window without any visible seams in the door. As the constructors and designers are free to choose their own suppliers for the doors’ internal and/or external panels, these extensions allow them more freedom in terms of material, colors, texture, etc.

To ensure quality the panels are glued with a special insertion profile to avoid the weaker technique of gluing lacquered surfaces on lacquered surfaces. This technique makes it particularly well-suited for more severe climatic conditions.

The maximal dimensions of 2,5 x 1,1m and its 3mm aluminium panels with 30mm PU insulation, make a minimalistic, sleek contemporary design possible. Fully integrated hinges increase the design appeal.  Moreover, the designer door can be equipped with an integrated door closing system and can be fitted with a finger scanner for controlled access to the building. It is also fully compatible with Reynaers’ beautifully styled range of PuRity door handles.

Improved insulation and weather performance

With its two-sided flush panels the system assures better insulation values as a result of the extra thickness of insulation material.  The use of asymmetric thicknesses of the insulation material for the door’s inside insulation also offers exceptional levels of acoustic insulation.  

The system’s insulation concept improves its insulation from a Uf of 1,9 down to 1,4 W/m²K resulting in a Ud <0.8W/m²K. This makes it one of the most energy efficient systems available and ensures lower levels of heat loss and superior energy conservation.

Besides the 2-sided paneled door, additional extensions to both systems include a high quality bottom solution with new corner end pieces for improved water tightness. 

This new bottom solution brings a major leap in water and air tightness. Single inward doors improve from class 4A (150Pa) to 7A (300Pa), while the double doors improve to class 6A (250Pa). Single outward doors improve from class 4A to 9A (900Pa), and double doors to 8A (450Pa).

Due to its high insulation and air tightness class, the CS 86-HI+ system meets the stringent requirements that apply to Passive House buildings.


The CS 86-HI system achieved the MINERGIE® component label. This reputable Swiss product label recognizes Reynaers for its efforts in the field of sustainability. For the architect, owner, fabricator and builder the use of certified and tested MINERGIE labelled products offers more comfort and eases the road towards this sustainability objective. They can rely on the quality of these certified products and save substantial time and costs by eliminating the calculations that are required to obtain building certifications. Adopting such low-energy concepts results in future-proof solutions towards a cleaner and greener planet.

Erik Rasker, Technology Manager at Reynaers, believes that the latest extensions are indicative of the company’s desire to remain technology leader as market needs change. “We are on a consistent and continuous drive to remain aware of market needs in terms of architectural aluminium solutions and to adapt our existing range of products swiftly and effectively where and when this is called for,” says Erik Rasker.

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