Reynaers introduces advanced fire proof system with architectural potential

Reynaers’ extensively enhanced CS 77-FP combines superior fire proofing solutions for doors and partitions with vast design and aesthetic potential and ease of production and installation.

Duffel, September 2014 - Reynaers, leading European provider of sustainable architectural aluminium solutions, launches their enhanced range of fire proof door and partitioning systems with full cognisance of architectural aesthetics and ease of production and installation. This highly integrated state of the art solution offers two ranges, to retard fire for 30 and 60 minutes, both designed for inside and outside application.

The CS 77-FP has been designed as an extension to Reynaers’ standard CS 77 system and provides a high-quality flush door and partitioning system that combines elevated requirements regarding fire resistance, stability, safety and thermal insulation, while offering the comfort of the use of standard profiles and components. In addition to its fire resistant qualities, it also offers features improving burglar resistance, access control, panic and emergency exit functionalities and smoke tightness.


Safety and Security under the loupe

The CS 77-FP has been certified by various internationally recognized laboratories throughout Europe and is fully compliant with EU regulations, achieving EI30 and EI60 classification for fire resistance. Under controlled conditions the system was exposed to fire in order to determine the stability, thermal insulation and radiation insulation over a certain amount of time. This was done with glass and hardware of different suppliers, resulting in the widest possible range of approved solutions.

The system uses well-insulated profiles with cooling inserts and intumescent strips to achieve its outstanding fire and smoke resistant performance. The intumescent strips expand substantially in volume when exposed to heat, sealing every gap while the cooling inserts control the maximum temperature increase of the element surface, thereby containing the fire by 30 or 60 minutes with the EI30 and EI60 variant respectively.

The CS 77-FP doors can be combined with burglar resistance RC 2 in line with European testing standards EN(V) 1627-1630 and an emergency or panic function to permit users to open locked doors from the inside in case of danger.


Functionality, supported by aesthetic versatility

While designing the system to deliver the best possible fire resistance and safety solutions to the construction market, architectural versatility, aesthetics, superior quality and ease of construction was not neglected. The CS 77-FP door and partitioning system also accommodates fixed windows. Its extended range of flush doors is available for all inward and outward opening door types. It is designed to accept a full range of door locks and hinges to fit all types of locking requirements, including standard single point locks up to motorised multi-point locks, as well as fully integrated solutions in building management systems.

The doors can be used in different compositions and in combination with fixed glazing to create limitless glass walls and to increase light and transparency in the building. Both single and double leaf doors are available up to a maximum door leaf size of 1,3 by 2,75 meters, making it possible to design extra-large doors. The system is compatible with most Reynaers’ gear and its stylish Purity design handles. Slim barrel hinges are available to improve the design and aesthetical value, while the extended range of profiles has visible profile widths from 77 mm to 280 mm to create seamless wall connections or outstanding architectural designs.

The CS 77-FP glazed partition walls and fixed window elements are available with heights up to 4,4 m for the EI30 variant and 3,8 m for the EI60 carrying glass sheets of up to 2,1 m wide and 3,5 m high, depending on the classification selected. This allows the architect to create glass walls of practically limitless lengths. Maximum glass surfaces of 6,85m² (EI30) and 4,45m² (EI60) can be accommodated.

The variations of partition walls, in combination with all possible single- and double leaf doors allow for extended architectural possibilities.


Construction advantages in comfort and speed

For faster and more efficient installation, the doors can be equipped with standard single point locks for in-house solutions for some classifications. An easy to use filling paste in combination with a cooling 2-component glue with cooling additives replaces the labour-intensive corner treatments of mixing products, while PUR foam-based building connections take over from the former mineral wool, also enabling faster and cleaner application.

A single glass clip type applies to all applications and additional approved screw corner connections are provided to facilitate transportation of larger elements. Glass thicknesses of between 15 to 52 mm apply to the EI30 solution while the EI60 allows thicknesses from 23 to 52 mm.

The standard clearance around glass has been increased from 5 mm to 6 mm and any standard floor connections can be chosen.

“we remain equally aware of the desire of architects and designers to be creative”Erik rasker Technology Manager at Reynaers

Erik Rasker, Technology Manager at Reynaers, outlines the company’s dual approach to continued innovation: “As much as we strive to stay abreast with evolving technology in order to remain leaders in the provision of aluminium window, door and wall solutions, we remain equally aware of the desire of architects and designers to be creative and to develop buildings that inspire and impress. Every new evolution in our products will always aspire to address both needs simultaneously: to provide the best technology that delivers safety, security and comfort beautifully.”