Reynaers Aluminium opens production plant in US

Duffel, October 2014 – Reynaers Aluminium is investing in the American market with the opening of its own production facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Following the opening of a sales office for aluminium window and door systems at the beginning of this year, the new facility will manufacture fully-finished aluminium elements for residential and project construction in the higher end of the market. In opening the plant, Reynaers Aluminium wants to meet demand for finished elements that is specific to the American construction market. Reynaers Aluminium aims to generate turnover of 50 million dollars at its US plant by 2020, with 100 employees, and gain a 15% market share. The leading manufacturer of aluminium solutions from Duffel is investing in the US as the successful continuation of its national and international growth strategy.

With the investment by Reynaers Aluminium on the West Coast of the United States, the leading manufacturer of aluminium systems is aiming at the upscale market segment. The company sees a lot of potential in that segment for its high-tech aluminium systems for homes and projects. Because, unlike the European market, the US does not have a tradition of aluminium joinery, Reynaers Aluminium is investing in its own production facility which will manufacture fully-finished aluminium solutions.

“America calls for a different commercial approach than Europe”Martine Reynaers, CEO of Reynaers Aluminium

"America calls for a different commercial approach than Europe", explains Martine Reynaers, CEO of Reynaers Aluminium. "Americans prefer completely finished aluminium solutions. Until now, Ireland has been the only country where Reynaers has made finished elements. From there, we exported to the East Coast of the United States. Since those finished elements couldn't be shipped to the West Coast, the location in Arizona was an obvious choice for our first production plant on American soil."

American ambitions

The Arizona production plant currently has twenty employees. By 2020, that is forecast to grow to 100 employees, generating turnover of 50 million dollars and a 15% market share. To achieve that, Reynaers Aluminium is investing not only in the production facility, but also making sizeable investments in product development, certification of the systems for compliance with American regulations, marketing and development of a network of regional sales offices.

“European design and engineering made in America is proving popular with American consumers”Martine Reynaers

"Our sustainable architectural aluminium solutions are very much in vogue with upscale builders. European design and engineering made in America is proving popular with American consumers. Furthermore, for construction of homes and projects, a combination of architectural design and sustainable materials with a long life-span are increasingly the preferred option. That fits perfectly with our market strategy and development of aluminium systems", says Martine Reynaers.

With this strategically important investment in the United States, Reynaers Aluminium aims to grow to an established concept in that country. Currently, Reynaers does business in 37 countries. Of the group's 1,500 employees, 650 are in Belgium and 850 abroad.