MasterLine 8-HV

MasterLine 8-HV

MasterLine 8 'Hidden Vent' window

The refined appearance

For a modern minimalistic appearance of joinery MasterLine 8 offers the Hidden Vent profile system. With Hidden Vent profiles the vents are covered by the outer frames and transoms, which allows for a concealed install of the window elements behind the window reveal. Within composed elements opening elements cannot be distinguished from fixed panes, giving facades a refined look.


MasterLine 8 Hidden Vent elements are available on three insulation levels: ‘standard’, HI and HI+ and with two different glazing options for the vents. The first option is with a small concealed glazing bead on the exterior side of the vent and a robust inner half scale to allow for large dimensions and weights. The second option it with an internal glazing bead to allow for easy installation and glazing of the elements.


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Technical information


Min. Visible width frame: inward opening80 mm 
Min. Visible width frame-vent: inward opening80 mm 
Min. Visible width T-profile107 mm 
Max. height vent2800 mm 
Max. width vent1200 mm 
Max. weight vent (element)150 kg 
Overall system depth frame77 mm 
Overall system depth vent77 mm 
Rebate height27 mm 
Min. Glass thickness32 mm 
Max. Glass thickness52 mm 
Min. Glass thickness vent30 mm 
Max. Glass thickness vent65 mm 
Glazing methodDry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones  
Thermal breakOmega Hollow Chamber  


Air tightness max. test pressure4 (600 Pa)
Water tightness9A (600 Pa)
Wind load resistanceC3 (1200 Pa)
Acoustic performance49 (-1;-5) dB dB
Burglar resistanceRC2/WK2
Thermal insulation (Uf)1,3 W/m²K

Opening elements

  • Inward opening combined elementsInward opening combined elements
  • Inward Opening Double CasementInward Opening Double Casement
  • Fixed WindowFixed Window
  • Inward Opening Third VentInward Opening Third Vent
  • Inward Opening TiltInward Opening Tilt
  • Inward Opening Tilt TurnInward Opening Tilt Turn
  • Inward Opening TurnInward Opening Turn
  • Inward Opening Turn TiltInward Opening Turn Tilt
  • Inward Opening Ventilation VentInward Opening Ventilation Vent