Reynaers pushes architectural boundaries with extensions to ultra slim Hi-Finity sliding system

With the latest extension to its Hi-Finity range, Reynaers introduces innovative triple glazing and an open corner solution that allows very large wall to wall and floor to ceiling window surfaces to combine architectural design with optimal energy efficiency.


Duffel, March 2014 - Reynaers, leading European provider of sustainable architectural aluminium solutions, introduces innovative extensions to its Hi-Finity sliding system to bring new levels of creative ability to designers and architects. The new triple-glazed system’s design combines sleek architectural minimalism seamlessly with energy efficiency to give credence to its slogan ‘less is more’. A creative corner solution without a corner profile leaves even the corners entirely transparent when the sliding window is open, offering further value for application in public places where access to the exterior adds particular value, e.g. restaurants and club houses.

The design and technology of Hi-Finity were recently awarded the prestigious Henry van de Velde Label . This quality label of the Flemish Government in Belgium rewards the innovative nature as well as the distinctive styling of Hi-Finity in combination with the beautifully stylized handle of the sliding frame. The handle features an attractive, slim and streamlined design that would add aesthetic value to any modern building.

Hi-Finity combines sustainable technology and creative design to offer its customers the perfect balance of durable material, user-friendly application and architectural versatility that is so essential in contemporary architecture. By embedding the profiles into the walls, they become much less visible, creating an ultra-slim design that gives large transparent door and window surfaces a light, sleek and elegant appearance. This transparency allows external views to effectively flow into the building seamlessly. It enables architects to create an elegant transition from the urban to the outdoors without obtrusive borders, and with full cognizance of modern inner-city building design. With its congruence between home and environment, technology and design, and light and insulation, Hi-Finity takes a large step forward in contemporary architecture.

Innovative extensions

Hi-Finity is an ideal solution for zero-energy building and passive construction. In order to meet the most stringent insulation requirements the Hi-Finity sliding doors are available with both double and triple glazing. All the characteristics in terms of window or glass dimensions and weight of the double glazed version remain unchanged in the triple glazed version.

The second extension to the Hi-Finity system is the creative open corner solution.  This solution is characterized by the absence of a corner profile, allowing the sliding elements from both sides of a corner to open without obstacles.  This solution addresses both accessibility and design needs.

Reynaers was recognized for its efforts in the field of sustainability when it qualified for the reputable Swiss MINERGIE® product label. For the architect, owner, fabricator and builder the use of certified and tested MINERGIE labeled products offers more comfort and eases the road towards this sustainability objective. They can rely on the quality of these certified products and save substantial time and costs by eliminating the calculations that are required to obtain building certifications. Adopting such low-energy concepts results in future-proof solutions towards a cleaner, greener planet.


Superior Technology

Although the border lines of the slim profiles are barely visible, the intrinsic qualities and the high technology of the aluminium joinery ensure that the sliding system is exceptionally strong, durable and easy to maintain.


Thanks to the carrying capacity and the innovative bonding of the aluminium profiles to the glazed surfaces, the large glass panels can safely hold weights of up to 500 kilograms with a maximum element height of 3.5 meters.

The adjustable midsection of the system (patent pending) is a unique feature that allows the aligning of the overlapping profiles of the vents in closed position. This overlapping section can be adjusted up to 5mm (2.5mm in each direction) to obtain a perfect aesthetic appearance, but more importantly, to guarantee optimal air- and water tightness.

Aesthetical design with high comfort level

The large glass surfaces reach from floor to ceiling, offering ultimate illumination.  The fully integrated frames create a flush threshold, allowing for easy entrance and accessibility.  The dedicated wheel base ensures the fluid movement of the glass panes and even large opening surfaces can easily be operated manually. For an even higher level of comfort a concealed motor can open the vents with the push of a button.

The specially designed handle gives a slim, elegant and streamlined look. In the closed position, the handle blends into the wall, having a minimal visual impact whilst being extremely functional.

The different opening possibilities, including duo rail, three-rail, open corner solution and central closing, provide a wide range of design solutions, to allow for optimal architectural freedom.

Safety and Security

Classified burglary resistance class RC2, Hi-Finity also stands for safety. Thanks to the concept of a central locking mechanism in combination with layered glass, Hi-Finity guarantees a high level of security. Electric locking and unlocking is realized by a robust bolt and hook, operated by a simple push of a button whilst giving visual feedback on the security position of the lock.

Erik Rasker, Technology Manager at Reynaers, explains the Reynaers rationale: “The smooth transition from in- to outside, the barely visible profiles and its refined styling define the superior architectural versatility of the Hi-Finity solution. All of this, combined with our superior technology, contributes handsomely to contemporary energy efficient building. Our system responds perfectly to contemporary design and building trends and we want to continue leading the way in innovation in this sector. Through our scale advantages as an international company, we aspire to continue delivering optimal price/quality ratios high end service excellence and credible guarantees.”

With the latest technology in its Hi-Finity solution Reynaers has shifted the existing boundaries.


About Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers Aluminium is a leading European provider of innovative and sustainable architectural aluminium solutions. These include a wide variety of window and door systems, curtain walling, sliding systems, sun screening, conservatories, skylights, screens and systems to incorporate blinds and ventilation grids. Established in 1965 and with its headquarters in Duffel, Belgium, Reynaers Aluminium has offices in more than 30 countries worldwide.



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