Reynaers brings superior performance levels to residential building markets with CP 68 concept patio sliding door


With its new CP 68 concept patio sliding door and window solutions, Reynaers’ offers a complete combination of innovative technology and design capabilities at competitive prices.

Duffel, November 2014 - Reynaers, leading European provider of sustainable architectural aluminium solutions, launches its new CP 68 sliding door and window solutions in a residential building market that has been yearning for higher levels of elegance and performance at affordable prices. This opens doors to substantially more creative design and performance combinations to a much broader customer base.

The CP 68 is a highly insulated sliding system with an attractive, elegant appearance, flowing form its slim and very light profile. In addition to these attributes, the system meets the highest quality standards, yet falls within the price range of the popular residential sector. This will allow architects the freedom to access significantly higher temperature, wind, noise/acoustic and water sealing and insulation values to a market that has not had these benefits before.

Through its advanced aluminium technology, Reynaers’ CP 68 brings much greater transparency and light into buildings by facilitating larger open spaces and glazed surfaces. At the same time it offers users high levels of thermal performance; all in addition to its sleek 34 mm profiles.


The CP 68 solution is available in duo rail or 3-rail systems to allow for much wider openings where this is required. Its Classic version allows designers to use a variety of options and combinations of fixed and sliding elements, running up to six vents on two or three rails. The 3-rail integrates an extra rail in the outer frame allowing a third opening vent to be installed. This solution allows users to open two sliding doors, creating a double-sized opening.

Its CP 68 GA Pocket solution allows the profiles to be slid into a wall cavity to create an unobstructed view to the outside without any visible elements when the window is open. This version is available in monorail or duo rail. The base frames come at 68mm (2 rails) accommodating up to 4 vents or 124mm (3 rails) accommodating up to 6 vents on 34 mm tracks. Tracks allow for a zero threshold to make the solution wheelchair friendly as well. While the larger openings may create the illusion of easy access, the exact opposite is true: the CP 68-AP system is certified RC2 burglar-proof. 


The CP 68 is a very light system and easy to fabricate or adjust on site due to its modular nature and the limited number of components. Many parts are commonly available from hardware dealers and are easy to adapt to different types of new constructions as well as renovations. The windows contain non-silicone gaskets and are coated with a special varnish while one single type of corner cleat is used throughout and is shared with the TS 68.

Maximum leaf sizes of 1.500 mm wide and 2.500 mm high and up to 160 kg can be accommodated. Glass thicknesses of either 28 mm or 36 mm are catered for, allowing for either double or triple glazing. Double glazing delivers thermal performance of Uw 1.5 W / m²K while triple glazing reaches Uw 1.0 W / m²K.

Erik Rasker, Technology Manager at Reynaers, believes the company’s commitment to superior levels of performance and comfort should not close the doors for the general residential markets: “We want to be seen to offer the same value and dedication to all our customers, irrespective of their market niches. Quality and excellence have no boundaries and can be designed to meet needs across all levels of income and living standards. Our CP 68 was designed to bring the superior features of our high end products to within reach of all our consumers.”




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