Harmony Office Center

Harmony Office Center

Grupa 5 Sp. z o.o. APA Kurylowicz & Ass.

The six-story Harmony Office Centre is a high-quality office building with a floor space of 15,000 m²;, located on the central square in Eco-Park, a new neighbourhood near the centre of Warsaw consisting mostly of residential housing. Due to all the green areas, Eco-Park is an attractive residential and office location in spite of the high building density. The diversity of architectural designs present sets the neighbourhood apart from others. The individual buildings were designed by various architectural firms and have a different appearance and visual impact. Nevertheless, a neo-modern approach dominates overall and gives the neighbourhood a certain level of coherence.

The Harmony Office Centre is visible from afar and dominates its surroundings. The extensive complex is divided over three volumes of the same height and width, supported by columns. The bottom sections are recessed and fitted with glass walls. In line with the overall urban development concept applied here, these are darker in colour than the residential buildings, thereby ensuring that the Harmony Office Centre makes a distinct impression and also emphasises its role as the centre of the neighbourhood. The outer front and side walls of the complex are made of glass and stone. The vertical aspect of the composition is emphasised by natural stone panels which are slightly shifted in relation to each other. The lines of the anodised profiles form a background for the natural stone elements. The windows are narrow and of the same height as the various floors, and decorated with an enamel ornament applied to the glass via screen-printing. The vertical composition of the outer walls not only gives the office building a rather elegant appearance, it also serves to subtly differentiate the office building from the residential buildings, as the windows used in the latter are primarily horizontal in design.  

Bay windows

The sober geometric design is interrupted by two inner courtyards created in between the tall office buildings. In the future, these courtyards are intended to become oases of green. In order to soften the visual impact of the complex, bay windows of various sizes are integrated into the design, apparently in a random fashion, at various levels. These bay windows are the end result of a process whereby the original design, consisting of an unordered landscape of colourful boxes was worked out further in a logical fashion. They protrude from an austere outer glass wall. The profile system used here makes it possible to install the rails at any desired height, thereby causing the outer wall to generate an image of rhythmic shifts in height. The vertical lines are emphasised by rows of narrow cantilever windows and by opaque areas with screen-printed ornaments. The base of the building houses shops, a canteen and a conference centre. The fact that the entrance is roofed over further strengthens the impression that the indoor and outdoor areas flow into each other without any fixed border and also makes it possible to create a space for more informal activities. The façade, based on the CW 50 construction system, also contributes to this. The Harmony Office Centre is a building with a high-quality finish, elegant and subdued at the same time in terms of style and image. It also benefits from the nearby presence of green areas, which are clearly and easily visible through the carefully positioned glass walls.

Grupa 5 Sp. z o.o. APA Kurylowicz & Ass.
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Jarosław Kąkol
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