Reynaers' sensity (CSW 86-HI)


Based on the technologically refined Reynaers CS 86-HI system, SENSITY is a highly insulated aluminium system for windows, designed to provide the best guarantee for a comfortable interior climate. The durable thermally insulated aluminium frame ensures wind and water tightness and superior acoustic performance of windows under all weather conditions.

Due to the combination of wood and aluminium, this system is perfectly suited for different architectural creations. The aluminium at the outside allows users to personalize their windows by selecting from over 100 possible RAL colours, from 60 structural Coatex surfaces. Users can also give it a wood-look finish, while maintaining the ultimate low maintenance properties of aluminium.

Three types of high quality natural wood are available to match different interior designs: Bleached Oak for the modern interior, Tobacco for the more cosy look, and Wenge to complement the more luxurious interior.

The combination of the aluminium and the wood is realised by the specially designed connection which eliminates the risk of wood distortion due to temperature and humidity fluctuations. To avoid any concessions to design, SENSITY is beautifully complemented by Reynaers’ specially designed PURITY accessories. These handles make windows come to life, giving them a unique touch of style and making them a true pleasure to use. This high-quality handle combines new-generation material and mechanical properties with the superior Italian design capabilities of designer Leo De Carlo, who previously worked in the studios of Philippe Starck.

The combination of material and its surface treatment makes the handles non-corrosive, hypoallergenic and 100% recyclable. Thanks to its extraordinary durability, PURITY will retain its original state for years.

The handles are available in the standard range of sapphire black, moonlight white or lithium. Alternatively users have the option to choose from the special on-demand range of OR, Obsidian, Belgian Chocolate, Polaris and Eclipse.