CS 68 Fire Proof

CS 68 Fire Proof

Concept System 68 'Fire Proof' door

Universal solution

The Concept System® 68 profile system guarantees absolute resistance to fire breakthrough for a time period of at least 30 minutes. The system is grafted onto the tested CS 68 series which has been well respected for many years. 

CS 68 includes a quality flush door system, with high stability, thermal insulation and increased security. This flush door range is available in all types of inward and outward opening types, realised with a wide range of door locks to meet every kind of locking demand.

Technical information


Min. Visible width frame: inward opening68 mm 
Min. Visible width vent: inward opening76 mm 
Min. Visible width frame-vent: inward opening150 mm 
Min. Visible width frame: outward opening42 mm 
Min. Visible width vent: outward opening102 mm 
Min. Visible width frame-vent: outward opening150 mm 
Min. Visible width T-profile76 mm 
Max. height vent2480 mm 
Max. width vent1005 mm 
Max. weight vent (element)250 kg 
Overall system depth frame59 mm 
Overall system depth vent59 mm 
Rebate height25 mm 
Min. Glass thickness4 mm 
Max. Glass thickness43 mm 


Air tightness max. test pressure4 (600 Pa)
Water tightness4A (150 Pa)
Wind load resistanceC4 (1600 Pa)
Fire resistanceEW 30

Opening elements

  • Inward Opening Double DoorInward Opening Double Door
  • Inward Opening Double ZT DoorInward Opening Double ZT Door
  • Inward Opening Single DoorInward Opening Single Door
  • Outward Opening Double DoorOutward Opening Double Door
  • Outward opening double ZT doorOutward opening double ZT door
  • Outward opening single doorOutward opening single door
  • Inward Opening Double Window DoorInward Opening Double Window Door
  • Inward Opening Single Window DoorInward Opening Single Window Door
  • Outward Opening Double Window DoorOutward Opening Double Window Door
  • Outward opening single window doorOutward opening single window door

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