First important extensions MasterLine 8

After the official launch of the new generation innovative windows MasterLine 8, the first important extensions are realized. MasterLine 8 offers now low threshold balcony doors and ventilation vents for optimal flow of fresh air.

Balcony door

MasterLine 8 Balcony Door is a high-end window-door with a low threshold of 20mm, to combine comfort and improved weather performance. The balcony doors are available as single or double doors, both inward and outward opening. To operate the doors, different types of hardware can be used, such as dedicated window or door hinges, locks and handles, both on the inside and outside.

In line with the MasterLine windows, the balcony door features 3 different levels of insulation for high insulated, low energy and even passive houses. These different levels of insulation are achieved by the integration of new and clever materials. The balcony door can perfectly be combined with the extensive range of window opening types and different levels of thermal insulation.


Ventilation vents

Optimal flow of fresh air is now possible by the use of the new ventilation vents. To suit different ventilation needs, the vents are available in 2 widths applicable for vents up to 3m high. These dedicated vents can be used in the standard and HI+ variant of MasterLine 8 to perfectly fit the insulation needs of the building. The ventilation vents are characterized by their excellent performances of 1650Pa water tightness and both a Uf and Uw value of 1,1 W/m²K. Another unique feature is its easy production and installation thanks to the simple millings and adjustable end pieces.