Worldwide Responsibility

Worldwide Responsibility

In addition to our technological expertise, Reynaers has a willingness to take responsibility. As a member of Business and Society Belgium, we promote and integrate corporate social responsibility into our activities that contribute to sustainable development and human progress.

Our corporate strategy is based on the integration of the so-called triple bottom line: people (social commitment), planet (care for the environment) and profit (customer efficiency & profitability). The integration of these three principles can lead to true organizational sustainability. As such, we wish to provide answers to the most urgent challenges of our time.


At Reynaers we care for  people and our community. Therefore, it’s our first priority to provide a safe and healthy working environment. We pay special attention to accident free days and make dedicated investments to improve on-site safety.

Furthermore, all our employees benefit from personal support & coaching. We organize several internal training programs to enhance job-specific skills and also provide new employee training. Every 2 years, we distribute an Employee Engagement Survey to measure the engagement of our people and to find out how we can create the ideal workplace. Moreover, we try to create a true Reynaers community by bringing our people together on various events.

Since 2007, Reynaers organizes a yearly Community Day. On this day, Reynaers volunteers team up and dedicate an entire working day for several social organizations.


Reynaers is aware that companies play an important role in caring for the environment. We take this responsibility seriously by paying special attention to reducing our own environmental impact and that of our products.

We have also set up a programme to reduce energy consumption. At our headquarters in Duffel energy usage was reduced drastically the past 4 years. What’s more, the roof of the warehouses is covered with 16,000 m² of photovoltaic panels, meeting over 80% of the electricity needs of Reynaers’ headquarters.

Finally, Reynaers works with one of the greenest materials available: aluminium. It is not only strong & light and very durable, but also 100% recyclable. Moreover, recycling requires only 5% of the original energy input. That’s why Reynaers actively encourages recycling.

The recycling process of aluminium is inspired by the Cradle to Cradle principle. Unlike many other materials, aluminium does not lose its unique features in the process. This allows us to close the aluminium loop by recycling old profiles and creating new profiles.

Get to know more about the recyclability of aluminium in the video


Creating a sustainable future depends on investments, innovation and profit. In order to yield long-term profit, Reynaers seeks to increase its customer efficiency and profitability.

First and foremost, we assure that our systems meet the highest quality standards. We also issue a 10-year guarantee on the aluminium, lacquering and insulation and a 5-year guarantee on accessories. In addition, our ISO 9001:2015 Certification guarantees a permanent quality control throughout the entire process.

Furthermore, we attach great importance to communication with our customers. Our 6-monthly architectural magazine Report features inspiring designs and innovative building solutions from all over the world. Besides that, we also provide lots of documentation on aluminium, energy efficiency and more.

Reynaers Technology Centre guarantees the high quality, durability and reliability of all our products. In our test centre, all systems are carefully tested in order to comply with the international standards. In addition, our Institute in Duffel organizes various customer training courses, ranging from basic, to specialised training. Finally, we also provide the necessary supporting software, such as the U-tool, the Ventilation tool and the Brise Soleil tool.