The most common technique for insulating aluminium profiles is insulation with polyamide strips. The inner and outer chambers of the profile are connected with two fibre-glass reinforced insulating polyamide strips. The wider the strips, the higher the insulation factor.

Surface treatment

If desired by the customer, aluminium profiles can be anodised or lacquered. Both methods are used for different purposes and have a specific look.

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In order to deserve a leading role in the building industry, Reynaers' profile systems have evolved from aesthetic modules to actual building components, meeting the highest requirements of the international building market. To facili

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The success of large-scale, complex architectural projects fully depends on the efficient collaboration between our partners. Our Reynaers Consult & Project team has the know-how and means to meet the requirements of individual projects.

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At Reynaers we stress the importance of qualitative production and installation for the long-term performance of aluminium systems.

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